Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weight Loss (WL #1)

I have a tendency to be a typical woman. Shoes and purses have become a hobby. Makeup is worn, dead animal removal is never a voluntary thing, bath towels have a certain way they should be folded, and most fart jokes don't amuse me. I admit it!!!!!

Another womanly thing about me.......I hate how I look, and wish I could change it. So begins this series of "WL" posts.

A number of years ago, I tried an advancement in the medical's a little short synapses.

Anyway.....amongst all of the weight gain, I also had a shoulder that would dislocat a minimum of once a month. (a basketball injury from 8th grade, that was mis-diagnosed) So...most physcial activities in my life had already been tabled.

What this meant was not only did I gain all the weight, but I couldn't do anything physical to get it off. I tried the starvation thing, and as any medical doctor will tell you, it doesn't work, it's not healthy, and sometimes it can actually make the problem worse.

So, fast forward to the present day. I had shoulder surgery two years, for one year now I've been able to resume my hobbies. Hiking, kayaking, camping, hunting, shooting, racquetball, get the picture.

I've joined and left gyms.....I've signed up for and completed boot camps.....and I've lost...well, I'm not sure how much weight I've lost. I tend to measure by my clothes sizes.

Pre-surgery....size 5/6 to size 18 (due to the medical issues) in 9 months. Ugh!!!

Post-surgery...size 18 to size 12 (due to working out.....oh, and the pain killers - they really helped!!!)

In fact, maybe I'll find another body part that needs work....and have surgery for it. I've got a bum knee...maybe I can get that repaired?? Size 18 to size 12 with one shoulder...imagine what I can do with a knee surgery!!!!

OK, just kidding! (maybe)

So.....Robin has moved back to Omaha. She and I used to be workout partners before she moved. Our company has starting offering to pay for a gym membership, and we're taking advantage of it!!!

The first night (Tuesday), we stuck to the cardio machines (recumbent bike and treadmill to be exact). Last night (Wednesday), we hit the group fitness classes by storm.

The deal is this....she motivates me to go every night...and I keep her there once we arrive.

(and not let her go home after the first 10 minutes on the bike, right Robin!!!???!!!??) :-)

I've also made a deal with myself....but I haven't told Mot yet. :-)

My sister is a department head at the big-dog gym in town. It's nowhere near my home or my work (and the counters in the ladies locker room are marble = expensive membership). Anyway....since she's a department head, she can now offer me a reduced rate...that will be locked in for life.

We play racquetball at her club here and there. Now that it's cold out, we want to start meeting more often. But, the club (as I stated above) is expensive!!! I've been going as a guest, but they are cracking down on the guest policy. Starting Jan 1, she can still bring guests...but not the same one, over and over. Darn it!!! :-)

So...our racquetball sessions are going to cost me $15 a pop. OUCH!!!! Now, with this reduced rate membership she can offer me...I can go for $35 a month....full access to everything in the club.

Why would I consider it? a) $15 each time we play racquetball without it- ugh b) My club doesn't have racquetball, or a pool, or a climbing wall - say it with me "Yeah, climbing wall!!" c) Tisha teaches the step class there (she used to teach the step class at my old gym, I stopped going when she left, because the new instructor blew goats).

So, here's the sister can take me as her guest for the month of December, as usual. Then........

One month of 4 days a week at my new "work provided "gym
* I'll treat myself to the CHEAP membership at the other place - which shouldn't even count as a reward - it just makes money sense!!! If we play racquetball twice a month, it's payed for itself. Right??????

Two months of 4 days a week at my new "work provided" gym, and at least 10 pounds lost (that's right, I have to weight 171 before this one counts - cat's out of the bag, you know what I weigh now- ugh!)
* An iPod that holds all my I don't have to keep dumping songs and loading new ones. My current Nano doesn't hold nearly everything...and with what currently IS on it, I have no room for Podrunner tracks.

I'll figure out the rewards after that...but I'm thinking new clothes will be a given. I'll have lost weight and need them by then. :-)

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Lyvvie said...

Podrunner is the best! I love them. I envy your climbing wall.