Thursday, December 4, 2008

That's not like me.....

I have another blog out there in blogland. It was created for 3 reasons....

1) I thought family members (besides Mot) had found this one...and the fun thing about a blog, is that you can vent...and not worry about the people reading it getting upset.

2) I thought it better to have a blog where I can bitch and whine...while sparing the readers of this blog the annoying timbre to my online voice!

3) Weight loss. Yes folks, it's true. Nej needs to loose weight. Mainly because of this.

Then it hit blog, in general, probably isn't the most interesting thing anyway, so maybe I will continue to post my grievances here. I mean, it's easier than remembering the password and such to my other account. :-) Plus, when have I ever censored myself in real life? If it needs said, just say it.

If those family members read this blog and have an issue with my opinions and play by play of events, well....what do you do? Maybe offense needs to be taken? I only write it if it happens, and is true. And I usually only write things I would also say to their face...unless I think it's going to make my hubby's life more difficult. That's the one thing I don't want to do.

So.....I'll start labeling the posts you may not have an interest in a warning and a service to you all.

Weight loss...will have....let's see......"WL" the title. :-)

I'll save the other blog for those times that I just need to vent.....anonymously. You know those days!!

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