Friday, December 5, 2008

Writer's block and the onset of Winter

Yep, the title pretty much says it all.

I'm without blog fodder. It's bad. Nothing going on in my life that's even somewhat funny.....just day by day stuff. It's time to pick up a new hobby....or maybe dust off an old, under-used one???

I'm hoping the hockey games this weekend will help provide something to beat this block away!

During our hockey game two weeks ago, we found ourselves sitting next to a lady.....not so strange, I know....but she professed to know everything about the sport.

No, she didn't actually exclaim "I know all about hockey!"....but she was still a hockey know it can spot them miles away.

At one point, the official blew his whistle and threw both of his arms straight up in the air. After the call is announced over the sound system, our little know it all says, (quite loudly, thank goodness, or I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to giggle!!!), "I thought that call meant touchdown? He got a touchdown, why hasn't the scoreboard changed?"

(shaking my head)

I love these people!!!! Without them, sports arenas are seriously lacking on humor. :-) :-)

I actually wore a winter coat today...can you believe it?? 9 degrees (a million below due to the wind chill) and I finally pulled the ole' Columbia coat out of the closet. If only we'd get more snow. So far this year, it's just been dustings. A foot of snow right now would rock!!!!!

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