Tuesday, October 14, 2008


On our walk last night, we passed by a neighborhood park, which housed two tennis courts.

Me "Do we have tennis rackets at home? It would be fun to play."

Mot "How many hobbies do you want us to have, Nej?"

Mot only uses my name when he's frustrated with me. It's something he does, and I don't know if he realizes it.

He thinks I'm crazy....but it really got me thinking. How many hobbies DO I want us to have?

I'm a Jill of all Trades, Master of None. I've always been that way. As I've mentioned before, I've been a meat cutter, grocery store manager, pharmacist assistant, jeweler, dance instructor, house cleaner, vehicle detailer, courier dispatcher, noxious weed sprayer, accountant, and currently project coordinator. I soak up the information of each job...but none of them pique my interest enough to keep me around long.

I've been a project coordinator for 5 years now...it's a record really.

But anyway, back to hobbies.

Hobbies are the same way. I want to do them all, try them all....experience them all. Life is too short to keep saying, "I wish we had played tennis together, when we had a court 2 minutes from our house."


There are so many hobbies in our lives right now, that we never find the time to do. We both own kayaks, and I took mine out a total of one time this year. We both own shotguns and like to shoot trap - we haven't done it ONCE this year. Golf clubs - dusty. Badminton league equipment - still in it's bag, not used in years. Disc golf discs - only thrown around in the yard once or twice now. Fencing equipment - rusty. The list goes on and on.

Having to work, earn a living....it's getting in the way of the fun things in life...you know?? :-)

Unfortunately, we each have one hobby that seems to take up all of our time.
Mine - couch potato
Mot's - World of Warcraft

Modern technology is the curse of our hobby lives. :-)

Next year, we're planting the garden of all gardens. That's a hobby and time consumer right there...for sure!

Plus, we have more work to do on the house. We need to put in a back door from the dining room, that leads to our back deck. And yes, we need to build the back deck as well. We want to either extend the back of our garage into the backyard more...or build a completely separate out building on our side lot. We have a set of stairs leading to the office and spare bedroom that need rebuilt and stained/painted. We have a bathroom that we'd like to enlarge. We have a fence in the back yard that needs replaced.

The list goes on and on. Our house has now become a hobby.

How many hobbies do we want, Nej?

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