Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Productive evening

While sitting here at work yesterday afternoon, I physically made a list of all the crap I needed to get done at home last night.

I got home, changed clothes, grabbed my rain coat and a hat...and went to work. First on my list, picking the last crop of tomatoes and peppers from the garden, before the frost hits and kills everything.

I love being out in the rain...I really do!!! I got a plastic grocery bag (yes, there are still a few of them floating around the house) full of produce. Quite a bit more than I expected. I can't wait to do our garden so much bigger and better next year!!!! Mot actually cringes when I show him the sketches I drew up.

I haven't told him that I think it's a good idea to use pavers or bricks for the pathways through the garden yet. Guess he'll find that out as soon as he reads you babe!!!!! But, it will be much easier to take care of the leaves and Maple tree "helicopters" if it's paved.

Right honey??? (blink, blink)

Next on the list, dinner. I had nothing to eat in the house, yet the pantry, freezer and fridge seemed to have food in them. It's the same thing as looking into a closet full of clothes and having nothing to wear. Frustrating as all hell.

I finally decided on brown rice and a chicken breast. Nice dinner...but no crunch.

I need crunch in a meal...or I'm never full. It's this crazy, lunatic, mental problem I have. If I eat a PBJ, I'm still hungry....but put a few potato chips in the sandwich (yes, I said in!) and 'tahdah'....I'm full. :-)

I made the mistake of eating my dinner on the couch, in front of the TV. Mot hates it when we eat there, but he must know it happens sometimes when he's not home. He's a smart dude.

As I was eating, I'm staring at the remote controls. This is another reason why I shouldn't eat at the coffee table. I just can't help myself. My plans for the rest of the evening were compromised by turning the TV on to watch "just one show" before getting back to work.

Come on, it's like Pringles, you can't eat just one!!!

Two DVR'd episodes of Hell's Kitchen later, I drug myself away from the TV and back to task.

Hooray willpower!!!

I did the dishes, folded laundry in the dryer, started another load, took out the garbage in the house, emptied and cleaned the litter boxes, put all the weekend camping gear away, picked up Mot's lair (the office/den) and still had time to watch one more Hell's Kitchen episode while chatting online with my buddy Sheila.

(I also took this time to finish off the carton of chocolate yogurt from the freezer - who needs bowls anyway?)

I didn't get the bathroom cleaned, didn't get Puffer's tank cleaned, and didn't workout...but I did get to cross quite a bit off of my to do list. Not too shabby. :-)

Tonight I'm working on that darn hunting gear storage area in the basement...that's all there is to it!!! I bought some shelving systems to put down there...weeks ago...and still haven't done it. It's so bad, the shelving boxes in the garage are starting to look like they belong there.

Silver lining - when I actually get the shelves done, the garage will look bigger - without those stupid boxes propped up against the wall. :-)


Me! said...

WOW, sounds like you got a ton accomplished! People laugh at me, but I LOVE putting Doritos on peanut butter sandwiches. YUM.

KayakNej said...

Doritos on peanut butter sandwiches. I'm getting hungry. :-)