Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday was a dreary day from the start. It rained most of the night...and well into the day. I really love the rain....the way it makes the air smell. Unfortunately, it decided to rain on a Monday, and I was stuck at work.

Robin and I ran out to get a sandwich for lunch....and man...that rain was COLD!!! I was actually waiting for it to turn to sleet. Crazy weather!

Mot had dinner waiting when I got home. (It's great being married to a guy that enjoys cooking.) I was all ready to offer up cold cereal, so he wouldn't have to cook....but the hash browns and ham steak tasted much better than cold cereal would have. :-)

After we got done eating, we loaded the dishwasher and Mot says, "Put your walkin' shoes on!"

OK....that's a new one.

I did....and we took a 1 hour walk through the neighborhoods around our house. It was awesome! The weather was cool enough for sweatshirts....the leaves are starting to cover the sidewalks and the streets.

We took a slight detour, over a fence, and into what used to be city soccer fields. The park closed not long after we moved to Omaha...and it was crazy overgrown already.

It's kinda spooky and sad walking into these places. You can still see the metal structures the soccer goal nets were attached to. Some were rusting, some were leaning over. I think of what it must have looked like before it closed....the numbers of kids that enjoyed the space. Makes you wonder why they aren't using it any longer.

There were a couple picnic tables left, and we considered taking one home. The city obviously wasn't going to be using them...and we aren't above a little property theft...if we can justify it. :-) But, we soon discovered why the tables were still there. The city had cemented them to the ground. Too bad, they aren't in that bad of shape.

On the way back out of the park....we happened upon what once was a fountain. How cool....a fountain in the park!!!!! All that was left, was a cement hole in the ground...maybe 8 foot across and 2 foot deep...with a tire in the middle, over what was once the water feature portion of the fountain.

The wall around the fountain had be fixed and repaired in July of 1979...so it makes you wonder how long the fountain actually had been there.

Walking through the park made me think of the movie I Am Legend. I almost expected a mountain lion, saber toothed tiger, or antelope to go running by us. If I had seen a mannequin standing in the field somewhere, I would have pee'd my pants.

(By the way....two Nebraska Humane Society workers reported seeing a mountain lion in Omaha last night. About 20 blocks from this park. Just thought I'd mention it!!)

We left the park, and went walking through some of the neighborhoods around our house. There are things we want to do at our house...and walking through these areas are fun. It helps give us ideas on what we want to do. "This person's shed is neat", "hey - look at their deck", "they have a chain link fence without making their yard look like a prison." Stuff like that.

We walked for just over an hour. Once back at the house, we went to the pet store for dog food.

Best Buy was our next stop. We need new house phones. Mot was ready to throw ours through a window yesterday. They have a tendency to not pick up when you go to answer a call. The little screen on the phone says "move closer to base." You can be standing on top of the friggin' phone base, and it will give you the same message. The poor things are old...and needed replaced. :-) Plus, we got a phone with 4 handsets....so I can have on in the basement. No more running up those steep stairs to answer a call!!! Yippeeee!!!!!!!

After Best Buy - we went to the hair salon to get Mot's hair cut. He had an appointment earlier in the day, and blew it off (on accident). He called her when I got home, and rescheduled for later in the evening.

While waiting for Mot to get his hair cut, I grabbed an issue of GQ from the pile of magazines. Does everyone know Megan Fox? Shes' the chick from Transformers, the movie. I have to say, I would normally consider her a good looking woman, but darn....these pictures were just plain sluttly. Call me crazy! I know men like it, and I know that it sells magazines. But geeezzz!!!! Slut much?

We all looked at the pictures and laughed. Some poor women getting her hair done, was sitting there in the middle of our conversation. I don't think she knew what to think of us actually. :-) :-)

After making this poor innocent bystander uncomfortable with our Megan Fox porn GQ layout conversation, I got up and wandered around the salon a little. There are usually a ton of people there when I'm getting my hair cut...and I wasn't used to seeing it so empty.

I picked up a bottle of fingernail polish for my toe nails. My toes are always some funky color. But, when we got home, I ended up putting it on my finger nails. Why not!?!?!?! :-)

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