Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stop the Madness!!

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I feel I need to exercise. My expanding waistline will agree with me...but I'm having a very difficult time convincing the rest of me.

My alarm went off this morning as usual. My conscious was screaming "Get up out of bed one hour early, you lazy bum!! One hour a day to feel better mentally and physically...why is this so difficult?"

The rest of me was screaming "Shut your trap, or you'll wake me up. I'm comfy, and this next hour of sleep is going to be the best thing since paying for gas at the pump, instead of walking all the way into the station."

One voice is prompting me to sweat, curse, and trod my way through an early morning workout. The other is assuring me the sleep I'll receive in that hour is more beneficial than any pain I can self-inflict via treadmill or weight bench.

ARGH!!! This is getting old! In fact, it's so bad that I was actually considering calling the number of the hypnotherapist that advertises on the radio station I listen to on my morning drive. A hypnotherapist for crying out loud!!!!!!!

(side note: I'm not saying that hypnotherapy is a fraud or a horrible profession....please do not send hate mail.)

What I am saying is....holy crap...how did I get so friggin' lazy???

And not helping my situation any is my loving, wonderful hubby. He wants to spend time with me, darn him. (hehehe)

Yesterday, I had all of the motivation I needed to go home, grocery shop, and then work around the house..and maybe even {gulp} workout. I got home, we went grocery shopping...all is well. We came home and ate a light supper...all is well. Then, he wanted to sit down and watch some DVR television. OH NO!!!!!

I was a goner!!!

I ask you, Loyal Blog Readers (all three of you), which sounds better??
a) Working on re-organization in the basement, so I don't have to go down there every am and sneer at the pile of crap sitting in the middle of the floor?
b) Working out in my newly painted and refreshed home gym?
c) Sitting on my favorite piece of furniture, while watching our favorite TV shows, with my favorite person in the whole world.....and eating fat free chocolate yogurt? (yes, I said fat free yogurt - I'm not completely hopeless.)

I mean, come on. If the hubby wants to spend time with you, can you really turn him down?? Can you tell him "No, I must torture myself on our treadmill, like a hamster in a wheel." Heck no you can't!!!!!

You know what would help me? Him saying something like "Hey Nej, I'm going to go down and lift some weights, why don't you come down with me and walk on the treadmill. We can put in a movie down there, and hang out...while doing marvelous things for our bodies and minds."

I know, these things sound about as realistic as planning every step of a vacation, and actually sticking with it! As realistic as a group of people showing up at your door with balloons and a really big, fake check for 1 million dollars. As realistic as my boss walking in here right now, and telling me to go ahead and take the rest of the week off without pay because "you deserve it."

Nope, none of these things are probably going to happen.

So.....what now???

Hubby just called me, to tell me we have three, count them, three recorded TV shows to watch tonight. {knocking my head on my keyboard, repeatedly} I'm done for!!!!

Mel - why can't we live closer together. You are one of those people that can't sit down for more than three minutes at a time. One night I can come to your place, and we could mow and work on the landscaping at your house...the next night - we'd move the party to mine. One day we get up and run around the neighborhood, the next we get up ride our bikes.

We can hit our alarm snooze buttons easily, because the alarm is right there by the bed. But, a buddy ringing the doorbell at your house. That you can't ignore!!!

I saw a dude, in his 40's or so, running through our neighborhood yesterday afternoon, and I actually thought to myself....wonder if he wants someone to run with him? :-)

No worries...I'm not going to take up running with strangers. That would require talking to him, and I'm the most introverted person I know! But can you tell the level of desperation I've hit?

After this "holiday" weekend, I'm putting my foot down. I've got to start doing something active again! We cancelled our gym membership because we were never there, but I've got to find some sort of group workout activity to participate in. Maybe there's a yoga school or something near us? Maybe there's a dance studio that has classes for adults? Maybe those people with the balloons and big fake check will show up, so I can hire a personal trainer to some see me every day...at our new house....in Montana or Alaska. Hmmmmm......or maybe not. :-)

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Mel said...

As I sit here trying to not laugh out loud - I cannot help but agree with you. There are many days that I wish the same thing - it would be so easy to do with a buddy because we would keep each other motivated. We can call each other in the mornings to wake the other up?....