Sunday, September 14, 2008

Homage to a couch, and other trivial babble.

OK, admittedly, today was nowhere nearly as exciting or active as yesterday....but, it WAS still the weekend. Which means no work, no phones, no clients, no lunch hours, no bosses....and yes, no showering!!!!! TMI? Too bad!

I woke up when Mot was getting around for work. The little stinker left the kitchen light on, and thanks to Mr. Edison and his damn light bulb invention....I was never fully able to get back to sleep. But, I did doze in and out of consciousness for a few hours. At 8:00 I hauled my lazy rear our of bed and to my second home on lazy Sunday all know what I'm talking about by now...say it with me.....the couch!!!!!!

Yeah, I love my couch. It may not be much to look at...I mean it's green, and comfy, but nothing spectacular. What makes it wonderful is that it's mine. It's really the first official adult furniture Mot and I have purchased in our ten years together. Moving into this house finally brought about the removing of the dorm room and goodwill furniture. It's about time, huh?

I sat on said couch from 8:00 ish to a little after noon. USA had a NCIS marathon on not too long ago. I've seen quite a few, but not I still have the good ole' DVR set to record repeats. I deleted quite a few previously viewed episodes, but came upon a block of them that I hadn't seen yet. So, there I sat until my most favorite comfy robe (Mot's xmas gift to me this year), watching reruns and being completely lazy. A girl has to have her vices, right?

Now, are you asking yourself what could have possibly gotten me away from 'heaven on couch' at noon? Probably not, but I'll go ahead and tell you. "Inny" (little sis) and I had a racquetball court time reserved for 1:30. I was to meet her at her house at 1:00. I got there early, and in true Inny fashion, her house is never boring. It seems today was the day to purge earthly possessions. There were bags of garbage, and boxes of goodwill items everywhere!!!! If it wasn't for having 2 kids, she could rival Robin in the OCD organization of a house. But, with the two squirts running around, she hasn't a chance. And because she knows it as well as the rest of us, she has surrendered her organizational prowess for the time being.

Anyway, my nephew had his yoga class to attend, and my niece and bro-in law were going to hit the rock climbing we all piled into my Jeep...and off we went.

Since my aunts early passing from this earth, Inny and I have vocally and non-vocally communicated a need to repair our relationship. It's not that it's horrible or kinda was. Really, really horrible. But - it's getting soooo much better, and it's really nice. I'm making a conscious effort not to let her piss me off as much or get away with as much....and she's making a conscious effort to tone the attitude and competitiveness down. (she used to steal my clothes and bury them in the I couldn't wear was ugly in our house as kids!!) So....4 racquetball games later (I won them, that really feels and dad babied the crap out of her as a kid...I tell them to this day, if they had just let me smack her ONCE, she would have been such a better behaved kid! hehehehehe).....but I digress....after 4 winning games later (yeah me!), we load up the vehicle and head back to her house. I dropped them off, then headed home.

My second lazy Sunday favorite - Mac and Cheese!!! Ate some, fed the dogs, shot Rowan, fed the cats....then headed back to where???????????? Come on, say it with me.....the couch!!!!

It's 8:45, I'm going to finish off this entry, bring the dogs in for bed, grab the current book I'm reading and try to get it finished. After our book store tour yesterday, I have SOOO many new ones I'd like to try out.

Sweet dreams everyone!!!!

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