Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

You're humming that song now, aren't you?? It's OK, you can admit it. :-)

Monday was one of those roller coaster days. Nothing horrible, mind you, but still just strange.

I, of course, set my alarm to get up and work out....and didn't. Again!!!

Once I got to work, there was a very....disturbing....email from the director of the local women's barbershop chorus. She has a 'way with words' and completely upset everyone in my quartet. None of us wanted to send her a response, for fear of what would be said. Our tenor (the only one still a member in said chorus) was the person that ended up sending the email. The other three of us will agree that it was WAY too nice...but oh well. There are times when people need put in their place. There are times when they need to be reminded that they should treat others with respect. Yesterday, I guess, was not that time.....but I don't agree. I understand our tenor still has to deal with her on a daily/weekly basis, so I'm not going to say anything. I told her yesterday, that only because of the respect I have for her, I would keep my mouth shut. But I have completely bit THROUGH my tongue, from holding it so hard.

I....CANNOT....be nice just to get something. It's not in my nature. I ask that people treat me with the same respect I give them. If they chose to be, as in this case, a complete b*tch...well then, I will completely cut them off. I DO NOT want to surround myself with people who surrounded by this negativity. Just because she puts some sweet sappy ending to her emails (Hugs!), doesn't mean that it erases all of the negativity in the email. I'm sure that I'M now sounding like the wicked witch...but come on!!!! Why should I put the fate of my hobby (something I love to do) in the hands of someone like that???

Argh - Robin - you have to know, now, how much I love singing with you and keeping you as a close friend....to have kept my mouth shut...and to agree to audition in front of that woman...right??? It's hurting every fiber of my being!!!

But, besides the email that started the day off on a total low note....the rest of the day went pretty well. Before I knew it, it was 5:00, and time to leave. I love days like that!!! :-)

I met a friend of mine for dinner and a little gabbing. She's still a member of the above chorus as well, so we meet after work on Mondays, before she has rehearsal. After dinner, I ran (OK, drove) home just in time to meet the rest of the quartet. We had decided that an impromptu rehearsal was a good idea.

I don't really know how much we accomplished, if anything. I HATE getting together to get this audition ready. I'm not big into the "let's show her by singing really well" attitude. Do you know why? Because it never happens that way. One of two things happens....#1 - she doesn't even notice that we sang well, I mean, if we know we sing well...why do we have to 'show her' #2 - when it comes time to audition we DON'T sing well, because we're so fired up. I mean, this is a case of singing for the wrong reason. We're no longer singing because it makes us happy...we're not performing for a group of people that want to hear us. We're singing to 'show her'....and we're singing for a bunch of people that she has given false information to. They are all....OK, not all, but a very good portion of them.....are waiting for us to fall on our faces.

Mot was a little bummed that we had a rehearsal last night. Seems he had plans for the two of us. He ended up calling a friend, and they went to dinner and riding on their motorcycles around the area. See, another reason why getting fired up to crank out this audition isn't good....it starts consuming you. Our tenor skipped chorus for it as well. All because of this director, that if I ever see again, will be too soon.

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