Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Holy Crap....

I weighed that much once? OK, not as much as most of them.....but the lighter ones on the show and I have shared the same weight at one point in time or another.

I'm sitting here on the couch, watching the first episode of this season's The Biggest Loser. I've finally figured out why I've been so 'down' for the last week or so. I'm fighting a losing battle.....bring on the summer cold. Is it technically still summer? You know what, I don't care....I'm still calling it a summer cold. I've been battling this for at least a week. Waking up with a sore throat, more and more sneezing each day, feeling horribly tired every day, even though I get a full night's sleep. I finally couldn't take it anymore today. I waved the proverbial white flag....I threw in the towel.....I'm down for the count. I left work today at about noon. The only thing I could think about was falling asleep, and sleeping all day. It's 7:43 and still wide awake. I've tried sleeping in the quietest, darkest room in the house. I've tried sleeping on the couch with the TV on, I've tried drinking glasses of milk.....but here I sit, wide awake. Argh!!! Going from freezing cold, to sweating to death.

But, I didn't get on here to talk about being sick. I got on to talk about one of my TV addictions....The Biggest Loser.

It's on my list of train wreck TV shows. These people are at their wit's end about losing weight and getting healthy. They put themselves in front of millions of people, weighing an insane amount of weight....the guys weighing in shirtless and the women wearing sports bras.

Feeling like crap with a cold, wearing yoga pants, a huge tshirt......this is NOT the show to watch while in this physical and mental state. Holy hell.....not but two years ago, I weighed as much as some of these women. I lost 40 pounds....and have gained roughly 8-10 of it back. I'm terrified I'll end up the putting it all back on. Damn it! I redid that home gym, I took one month of boot camp hell......all so I can come home and sit on the friggin' couch (no offense couch, I still love you!!!).

I will say, this show always motivates me to do something. But, this motivation is hitting in the middle of a summer cold. Man, that's just not fair.

One of the first commercial breaks.....it's an ad for WalMart. What about it makes me shake my head? It's shots of different LARGE women, serving up food for football game parties. Helmets full of Doritos, plates and plates of fattening glop....literal towers of carbonated beverages. It's no freaking wonder America looks like they do. Next in the commercial line up, Arbys. 99 cent sauce dripping sandwiches. Then a commercial for a place that allows you to pick 5..yes I said FIVE items from their 'value menu' for some absurdly small amount of money.

Have you seen the commercial where the people drive up to a fast food drive through, and the lady orders thunder thighs, and the dude orders love handles with a side of double chins??? Yeah, talk about truth in advertising!!!! Or the Nutrigrain commercial where the lady is eating a danish for breakfast, and when she turns around, there are two huge danishes stragically placed on each of her butt cheeks?? These are the commercials they need to play!

The show comes back on, and the contestants are in a race...straight up a fairly steep hill. First and second teams to the top win something. It DOES make me feel a little better....I mean, I was climbing mountains with three torn calf muscles this summer....and I wasn't dying as badly as these people are. So, maybe I'm not as big of a lost cause as I think I am???

OK.....the few people that read this, that know me....need to give me complete and total shit for not working out. Robin - you and me girl....our bikes, local trails. Starting next week....you hear me???? If we can't motivate ourselves...we're motivating each other. And just talking ain't gonna cut it!!!!!

Next commercial break, Lipitor....to reduce high cholesterol. Now, that's more like it. Let's take drugs to control something, that just getting up off the couch, or putting the bag of chips down can do. Not for everyone, I understand that. But, come on....in most cases....it's true!

Final weigh in time. Answer me this......how can someone possibly lose 17 pounds in one week?? I mean #1 - how can losing that much weight all at once be healthy? #2 - the guy that lost 17 pounds is in such bad shape, he can only workout for 30 minutes per day...how much was this guy eating to have lost 17 pounds, and only be able to work out for 30 minutes per day???? Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!

Every single commercial break today has had a DIFFERENT drug ad. Bipolar, high cholesterol, allergies, some sort of bladder or kidney issue....if Mel's swimmer's ear drops cost $120 ($45 after insurance), then what the heck do these drugs cost people???

As the weigh in continues, you see 24 pounds lost, 23, another 17, 16, 18.....come on!! There is NO WAY these people didn't water load before their initial weigh in. No way!!!

CAUTION: SHOW SPOILER: avert your eyes if you don't want to hear who went home!!!

Well folks, the green team went home. She lost 9 pounds, he lost 19. To lose 19 pounds in one week, and be sent home...craziness!!!!

I'm off to bed. Maybe I can get some sleep finally. My sinuses hurt so bad right now, it feels like my teeth are falling out. I swear that three of them are loose. The human body is quite a strange thing, don't you think?? :-)

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