Thursday, September 18, 2008

And So It Begins....

My scanner arrived on my front porch yesterday afternoon. I was home sick, and happened to glance at the front window. The shadow of someone moving away from the door catching my attention. I instantly jumped up to see what was going on....and instantly sat back down again. Man, I hate it when you get up too fast, and get all dizzy and about pass out!!!! What's the medical term for that anyway??

So, once I got my bearings straight, I went to the front door, just in time to see the back end of a large truck pulling around the corner, down the street. Sitting on my front porch, is a box. Yeah, my scanner is here!!!!!

Of all the reviews I read about this nifty little thing, the one negative was always getting it installed. People have had all kinds of issues getting it to work with their systems. Whether they are running XP, Vista, or whatever others there are. So....I open the box, take all that clear protective tape off of the product, set it down on the coffee table next to my laptop....take a deep breath and dove in. I put in the driver CD when it asked me to. My screen said it would take 10-20 minutes to fully install. After 16 minutes, everything was working OK. I plugged the scanner in, and all was well with the world. How do people have such a hard time with this stuff? I'm not computer illiterate, but I totally only know enough to get myself in trouble most of the time.

Time for the moment of truth. Mot bought a new xBox game, so I grabbed the booklet from the case, slapped it on the scanner....and hit the magic button.

Let's just say I was less than impressed with the quality of the image. In fact, so unhappy, that I just shut the lid of my laptop and went back to daytime TV. (No wonder housewives have to take Valium....daytime TV is horrible!!!) When Mot got home that night, he was excited to see the scanner out, and asked me how I liked it. After showing him the image I got from the video game booklet, he seemed just as frustrated as I was. And then a light bulb came on behind those gorgeous eyes of his. He asked me if I'd tried to scan a picture, a real picture? I told him I hadn't been upstairs to get the boxes out.

He smiled, and recommended that I do so. So I did. Wow, night and day difference....the picture scanned beautifully. What the *^&#???? Again he smiled, mumbled something about scanning a document that was printed via an ink jet printer....and then walked away. Men! :-)

So, I spend the rest of the evening, switching pictures for scanning every 30 or so seconds. (I wasn't timing it, so don't use that time as a judgement upon my cute little scanner.) I started with our vacation to South Dakota in 2001, my very first blog entry. Now I have pictures to add!

For those of you that's a Canon CanoScanLiDE90. It runs off of USB power from my laptop, so there aren't a bunch of cords in the living room...just the one between it and the computer. I had read some reviews that said it was loud. I was watching TV at a normal volume level.....and couldn't hear it at all. After muting the TV, I could hear it....but barely.

To all of you who couldn't get this thing installed, AND think it's loud............your computer skills stink, but don't feel bad, you're hearing is superstar! :-)

And so it begins.....I've got boxes and boxes of pictures that need I can get rid of those boxes and boxes.

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