Thursday, September 18, 2008

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

Thursdays are the roughest day of the week...I mean, it's so close to the weekend, you can smell the fresh cut grass...yet there are still two days of the week to muddle through. On a good note, I felt much better this morning. I think it's the first morning I haven't had a horrible sore throat when I woke up. So, that's a plus!!

Work was stupid..I mean it...just stupid. It stunk!!!! Rotten egg in wet dog hair stink!!!!

After lunch, things finally calmed down. Mot called, to tell me my car is ready to be picked up from the auto shop. The damage, that evil car wash caused, has FINALLY been repaired. I love the Jeep and all...but it's a beast compared to driving my car. The car is so much more nimble, and fun to drive. I told Robin today, I will own a real sports scar when I grow up!! :-) :-)

When I got home from work, we ran to get my car. Once back home, we grabbed the bows and shot a little. My arm wore out quicker today than usual, so we went inside for supper...or dinner...depending on what part of the country you're from. My arm fatigued quicker than usual because Mot cranked up the weight on my bow a little. I'm curious to see how much he actually increased it. Before eating, I changed out of my work clothes...yes, I was outside shooting my bow with dress clothes and heels. My niece takes after me...she's such a tomboy...but she does it while wearing pink. Granted, I'm not wearing pink...but it's the same mind set. I want to do boyish things, but looking decent when you do it isn't a crime. :-)

Mot grilled out some Italian sausage links we bought at our local HyVee. For dessert, he fixed us each a margarita. This is where we parted ways: he headed upstairs to play some WoW, and I sat on the couch and started scanning pictures....while simultaneously watching the second of my train wreck TV shows. This is the show I actually call 'train wreck.' America's Next Top Model

Train wreck TV at it's worst, admittedly...I can't help but watch it. It starts with 13 or 14 women, and works it's way down to one. I think this is the 11th 'cycle'...I've watched maybe three of four of those 11. Each week the ladies have an instructional challenge, and then the final photo shoot challenge. From those final pictures, one person is eliminated each week.

SPOILER ALERT: Avert your eyes if you don't' want to know who was picked as the winning picture for the week. I won't spoil who was sent home. I prefer to accentuate the positive today = who's picture was picked first.

Yeah Elina!!! The red hair suits you just fine!!!!!

Picture courtesy of the CW television network.

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