Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Orleans in October - part 3


We got up the next morning and headed to Cafe Du Monde for breakfast. They serve coffee and beignets.

Great coffee and even greater beignets!!!!!

Serenaded while we ate.

Not a diet food.

I call this picture....Bliss.

From there we walked to the Saturday morning flea market area.

Then wandered around the French Quarter (are you seeing a theme to this trip yet) to find lunch.

We wanted to go here. Verti Marte. Apparently they'd had a fire and weren't open yet.

The boys say they have the best sandwiches...ever.

Now we HAVE to go back! :-)

We eventually ended up at the Magnolia Grill for lunch.

Tom found his newest beer love there.

After lunch, we walked around Jackson Square....and nearly bought quite a bit of art. :-)

From there we walked down Royal Street, stopping at the art galleries and stores.

The French Quarter always has street performers. Some horrible (I swear one gentleman had purchased his trombone at a thrift store earlier in the week, took some time to learn...kinda learn....the theme song from Sanford and Sons...and then proceeded to serenade us with it the entire trip).....

And some are wonderful!!!!

Tanya and Dorise.

We sat on the curb and listened to them for over an hour.

Between the four of us, I think we bought all but one of their CD's.

I want to hire them to play during our next backyard summer party.


On our way back to the hotel, we FINALLY we able to go into the hat store next door to our hotel. (It was usually well past closing time when we passed by.)

The place was awesome!!!

(this picture was taken one night, after it had closed....it wasn't dark when we stopped in)

Floor to ceiling (literally) hats.

We were probably in there at least 45 minutes or an hour, trying on different styles, colors, etc. Eventually I had Danny take Mot back to the hotel....and when they left, I bought Mot his Christmas gift. :-)

After checking out (and having them ship the gift hat to my work place)....Steve and I joined the other two at the hotel. Steve crashed on the pull out, I fell face first into bed.......while the two of us snored away, Danny went down to Fedex to ship some artwork he'd purchased...and Mot took advantage of the hotel hot tub.

After Mot returned from the hot tub...and Danny returned from his "experience" at Fedex....the four of us headed out for dinner.

We took a streetcar down through the garden district, on our way to the.....uh.....college district.

We ended up at Doors Pub.

All of the tables, the bar and the paneling on the interior were old doors.

We ordered a carnivores dream pizza.....including alligator.

Then we jumped on another cable car to head back to the Quarter.

No, we didn't go "straight" to the clover grill. We had walked around for quite a while.

It was late, and smell of grease was too much to ignore.

The chefs name was Andrew. A polite and quite college kid, stuck working 11 hour shifts. He only had an hour left that night, and we tried to keep him as entertained as possible.

On the way back to the hotel, I took a picture of touchdown Jesus.

Sorry, made me giggle every time I saw it. :-)

Good night New Orleans.

(to be cont)


MJenks said...

Nice shirt, Mot.

I liked the Turbodog, too. It has a good toffee quality to it that wasn't too cloying on the palate. In fact, it was surprisingly drinkable for a dark beer.

Nej said...

Not a dark beer drinker????

We got him that shirt at the marathon expo in October. He wears it all the time. :-)