Monday, January 17, 2011

New Orleans in October - part 2


We woke up nice and early and headed out to find breakfast.

There was an awesome little diner right around the corner, and the food was magnificent!!!!!

After breakfast we walked to pick up our rental car. We'd decided to spend our second day in New Orleans driving around the area....checking out the old plantations and such.

On our way out of town, we drove by a few fun places.

St. Elizabeth's is a small (47,000 sq feet) house on Napoleon Street...owned my Ann Rice. It takes up an entire city block...and used to house an orphanage.

It's recently been sold, and is undergoing modifications....I think they are making it into condos. (sigh)

We also drove past the places the Boys resided while they lived in New Orleans.

Actually....New Orleans is where they met. How fun, huh???

After a little driving, we arrived at the San Francisco Plantation.

It was surrounded by a HUGE ugly chain link fence....and had signs about photography being prohibited everywhere outside. (We walked around the grounds until a lady came out "politely" told us to pay or else...then we left.)

From there we headed to the other side of the river....where the plantations were more remote, and not surrounded by chain link.

But first...we had to drive over this bridge.

Steve was driving.

He HATES bridges.


We drove past a few plantations, until I yelled "stop" in front of this one.....

Oak Alley

We got out of our car (on the other side of the highway)...climbed the river berm...and took a few minutes to stare in awe.

I've seen this place in books, on TV and in movies...but they just don't do it justice!!!

It was unanimous...we were going to pay the money to get the full tour. No way we could pass it up!!

"Quick!! Pretend like you're having a casual conversation out on the veranda"

"OK! I got it, you can stop!"

"OK! look grown up and smile for the camera!"

well...they tried!!!!

One of the famous oaks was struck by had finally fallen three months earlier.

When my hard drive crashed...the video that explains what Danny is doing in this picture was lost forever. A little "Gone with the Wind" reenactment . Classic!!!!

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the house....but we could take some upstairs on the balcony.

This was our tour guide Thomas. He didn't seem like the most cheerful guy at first. But once the tour was done and I asked if I could take his picture, he INSISTED that I be in it. Then he spent the next hour answering all of our questions, and telling us MUCH more of the house's history. The fun stuff that wasn't on the tour. #1 best tour guide ever!!!!!

After we left Oak Alley, we had to stop at this tiny little brick building along side the road. Linda - how would you like to be transferred here????

After we left the small church....we had to stop again another mile or so down the road.

There are miles and miles and fields and fields of sugar cane wherever you look. I was looking for the perfect row...just like this...and we finally found one!!! I wanted our picture in the middle of the row.

Nice photo bomb, Steve!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

I had no idea the plan was to become a totem pole.

The filled me in, and I joined the fun.

You should have seen the spider bites I got my taking this picture. My arm itches just thinking about it!!!!!

Our little off road trip was a little dusty. :-)

A little further down the road was a church. This church was the church the owners of Oak Alley attended. They insisted their slaves become part of the church, so they could be buried with them, and not in the slave mass graves.

Once we finally got back into the city, we turned our car back in.....and headed into the French Quarter for dinner.

Awesome, insane, wonderful Italian food. My mouth still waters at the thought of it!!

Mot apparently doesn't enjoy Cannoli.

After we left the restaurant, we wandered the Quarter a little more......

This is where the boys met.

......then headed back to the hotel for bed.

Good night New Orleans.

(to be cont)

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