Monday, October 25, 2010

Springbrook 2010 (part 3)

Sunday am.

The weather just kept getting nicer and nicer as the weekend progressed. There was a slight chill to the air, but it wasn't freezing. Perfect weather to sit around the fire, waiting for the coffee to brew.

Nice socks babe! :-)

That is a giant marshmallow in Doug's hand. It was crazy!!!

We had waffles and bacon for breakfast. Lots and lots and lots of bacon. :-)

Bacon over the campfire. And the repair job for the tongs that broke. :-)

After breakfast, some of us started getting our gear packed up.

Our campsite was still in the shade, so I started moving our stuff across the street into the sun.

Before we left, we made one last drive around the park, up to the picnic and shelter area. It's my favorite little stretch of road.

Finally - after three days - Sam was tired!!!!!

(you can see all of my Springbrook pictures on my webshots page here)


Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm hungry after reading this and the prior post. I like how your sister posed with her breakfast plate both mornings!

Lyvvie said...

What brand of waffle iron is that because I Want One!!! Jealous of your delicious breakfast.

Nej said...

@ 36999 - she loves her breakfast!!! (giggle) :-)

@ Lyvvie - not sure what brand, but I can see if I can find out if you'd like!!!

Nej said...

36999??? Apparently my nine finger was a little trigger happy!! :-)