Friday, October 22, 2010

Springbrook 2010 (part 2)

Day 2, Saturday am.

Danny demanded volunteered to do breakfast for everyone. And boy are we glad he did!!

Biscuits and gravy, eggs, 3 or 4 different types of jams and jellies, sausage, milk, chocolate milk, OJ, coffee.....the works!

Because they forgot a key component to their camp stove, breakfast making was moved to mom and dad's camper kitchen.

While he cooked, we all waited...anticipation thick in the air.

Mostly. :-)

The spread.

After breakfast, we cleaned up our mess, and a bunch of us headed up the dam to check out the lake.

Sam needed another swim...her energy is non stop!!!

Isaac's little legs had quite a time getting up the hill!

The view back down towards the campground. The place was packed!! 80 degree weather in October...on a weekend....with no rain forecasted. Doesn't happen often!

The trees were just starting to get some good fall color to them.

Brandon was busy building away with some old tinker toys Jim and Joyce brought with them.

Isaac watched, waiting for pieces to fall on the ground. :-)

Danny soaking up some sun.

Steve catching some z's.

Later in the afternoon, we were talking about Sam not wanting to jump off the docks while playing fetch. We all dared Mot to jump off the dock, with the hopes that she'd follow.

Sam ended up going by herself...but we did finally convince Mot that he still needed to jump....for entertainment sake if nothing else. I took some video of there aren't any stills (at least on MY camera).

Putting his shoes back on after the swim.

Lauren playing in the creek that runs along side our campsites.

Steve and I took a walk at one point in the afternoon. It was just way too nice not to!

Our cousin Tony arrived on the scene just as lunch was being served. Amazing timing! :-)

Hot dogs over a there anything better?

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out around the campsite talking, joking, and having a great time!!!!

Kevin and Kerri made chili for everyone for dinner that night. It was marvelous!!

Before Tony, Jim, Joyce and Scott left, we wrangled up a friend in the campground to take a group picture.

What are they doing?

Ah yes...'tis football season. :-)

We all played some cards for a while, then mom, Inny, Steve and I took a walk around the lake.

In the dark.

It's tradition, don't you know.

When we returned, Danny and Mot had already gone to we followed suit.

(to be cont)

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