Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Springbrook 2010 (a sidenote)

While sitting around Saturday afternoon, our dogs were starting to get a little restless. The boys and I ran into town to get some chew toys for them.

Every year, for some reason or another, we end up at the farm supply store in town. It's always an adventure...and we always come away with more than we intended to purchase.

This year, besides the necessary chew toys, our group walked away with clothing, cow bells (for our hockey games - since the city of Denver stole mine!!), and a jar of pickles.

Yep, a jar of pickles.

Now, this jar of pickles sat on the picnic table in our site all afternoon.

At some point, it comes up that Danny needs to eat the entire jar, by himself.

I said it had to be done by midnight, Danny thought three hours, and my mom said 1 hour.

There was $20 on the line.

Step 1: Get the jar open.

(Yes, that's a hammer)

Success! Pickle #1!!

Apparently the first pickle was "horrible" because it wasn't cold. So we stuck the jar in the nearest cooler.

Pickle #2

He said it wasn't much colder.

And, through the rest of the day, he only ate those two total.

Epic fail. :-)

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