Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One fish, two fish....

...red and blue fish. :-)

Since the passing out our two office dwarf frogs (here, here and here)....a couple months apart.....the fish tank on my desk has been sitting basically empty.

Last week I decided I'd had enough. The official mourning period was over.

I got some new plants and a fun broken pot to put in it. I brought the filter assembly from home. I filled it with water, and let it run over the weekend.

Today, over lunch, I went and bought some new residents.

7 neon tetras (it's all they had left)....and one Otocinclus catfish to help keep the algae under control.

We haven't really had a fish tank at home since we moved into Omaha. (Well, we had Puffer, my fish, for a while, but he passed about a year after we moved, and the tank it still sitting empty.)

I'm now remembering how much I enjoyed having a tank in the house....

.....and in about a week, I'll be remembering how much I DON'T miss having to clean a tank in the house.



MJenks said...

My mom tried to foist off her fish tank on us. She claimed the children NEEDED a fish tank.

I asked where we would put it.

"On the wall between the door and the window!" she said.

"You mean the door that opens up so that it will smash the glass of the tank?"


I wanted to then point out that what the children really NEED is grandparents who send more than an electronic card on their birthdays and nasty, homemade toffee for Christmas.

Nej said...

But just think what family fun you'd have picking up the flopping fish, and squishing around in the carpet!!!!! :-) :-)

Crazy parents, what would we do without them?

Our house, before we moved to Omaha, was a fish tank haven. A 75 gallon (cichlids), 55 gallon (discus), 50 gallon (tetras), 40 gallon (my puffer fish), and a small 30 gallon (feeder fish for puffer...then it was home to a gecko, eventually ended up a winter home for our pond goldfish). 250 gallons of water. I loved having the tanks, but don't miss the upkeep. Whew!

Brook said...

We have 2 new kitchen fish-we had to leave the last 2 at my Mom's so they wouldn't boil in the car. Always bettas, Mom has Princess and T.O.F.(the other fish) and the new ones are named Murray and Sparkles. I think I need a 3rd so I can name him Little and then we'll have Little Murray Sparkles in our kitchen-you know Prairie Dawn's(Sesame Street)little kitten? Have you named your fish yet? You could call them Rock... You know, The School of Rock...*guffaws* Gosh I crack myself up!

Nej said...

The school of Rock! (giggle) Would make it easy to tell them apart. "Who's that? Oh, that's Rock. And who's that one? That's Rock."


I've been out of the Sesame Street loop for a while. But I LOVE Little Murray Sparkles as names!!!

We had two fish named Moby and Dick...until Moby died. Then I got to giggle every time I introduced "Dick the fish". :-)