Saturday, July 3, 2010

Taming of the Shoes: Pretty in Pink

I'm not much of a pink wearin' gal....but every once and a while I see something that makes me bend the rules a little.

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Mot said...

Dear blog readers,
I will have you know that my lovely bride nej is off on an adventure at Devils Lake, WI. She has left her abused hubby at home, now hubby is a fireman. Its a manly job full of manly men that do manly things and well its got this manly mentality. When Nej left for devils lake she took her kayak and my jeep to haul it and left me her cute little car which has the cute little pink clog kinda shoes in this post. I have received many many complimentary comments from my fellow fire fighters about my fine taste in shoes.

Love ya hun
hurry home I miss ya.