Friday, July 9, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past: #4 (the finale)

Whoops...I totally forgot to put the finishing touches on the end of the last weekend I was posting about.

Wow, not only am I behind, I'm also leaving everyone hanging.

How completely rude of me. I have no excuses......and no explanation......

Nope, but what I DO have, is the end of the weekend.

After bowling, we headed down town.

We started going to the Worm after Sunday bowling league....back in October.....and we figured we'd end the bowling season with a bang.

Well....Mot and Danny decided that at least. Steve and I were driving and had to work the next had NOTHING to drink.

Responsibility - sigh!!! :-(

Mot immediately went behind the bar and started messing with Natalie's iPhone (which, by the way, was stolen by a bar patron....who should be growing warts and a tail by now, if the evil thoughts we all pointed in their direction are having any effect at all!), choosing music for the bar.

Danny moved behind the other side of the bar to start making drinks.

Take note....they were on a mission. A mission to get completely soused.

They started by doing what we did on our first visit. Sitting down and trying the different tequilas she had to offer.

Except this time, it was only 2 of them doing it....not all 4 of us. AND.....there were 5 different tequilas, not 4.

Even I eventually ended up behind the bar. I've always wanted to wash dishes there...the swirling sink brush mechanism called to me. Geeky? Yes? But....unlike everyone else in the group, I'd never worked behind a bar in my college years. :-)

As the night wore on.....

...the two boys spent more and more time back there....

...sometimes even serving other customers in the process.

And....well...sometimes just being the entertainment. :-)

This is Chris. The poor guy had no idea what he was walking into when he came by that night. (He also works there.) We got him completely toasted....and took some money from him as well...playing "bullsh*t" with the serial numbers on dollar bills.

I weren't gambling.

Nope, not us.

I'd pay money to know what they were talking about.

Now.....the next part of the evening is what I like to call......"Danny suggests boilermakers."

After the first one they (Danny, Mot and Chris) started to slur a little.

After the second one, Danny ran for the restroom.

After the third one....well, the third one....hmmm.....Danny Tom did them both.

It wasn't long after that when Steve and I called it a night.

Natalie made this for response to his running for the restroom earlier.

It ended up with Chris for a while. He's within walking distance from home....and I was glad....or we'd have been driving him home as well.

This is what I see when we decide to leave.

Seems innocent enough...they are helping each other to the car.

Then they made a break for it.

We caught up to them at a country bar around the corner......

....and made them get into the car.

It was quite the send off to the bowling season....let me tell you. :-)

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