Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Update: Ghost of Weekends Past

I fell off the "blogging about my weekend" wagon during the month of February. There are a million reasons, none of which are interesting enough to write about. Life know?

So....let's travel back in time. Omaha. Stardate 63563.4. (Feb 5th, 6:00 pm)

(I had to look that one up.)

The weekend had finally arrived. Ohio St was in town for hockey. Mot and I headed down after work, and the boys arrived not too long after. We met at the Worm, and headed over to the arena.

It was snowing. But really, is that worth mentioning? It's been doing that since June 7, and is going to continue until August 14th.

Per the Farmer's Almanac.

OK, not really. But that's what it SHOULD have said. :-)

And, as with smoke and flame...where there's snow, there are snowball fights.

Durango, the Maverick mascot, came up to say hi. It's not often he moseys up to our neck of the woods.

Mavs won. There were over 13,000 people in attendance. Fun game!

Since Natalie wasn't at the Worm before the game, and since we parked right across the street (how very convenient, eh?)...we went in to see if she was there on our way back.

She was.

But...she wasn't working. Her and her hubby had been on vacation all week, and she just stopped in to check the place out and say, she sat down and hung out for a while.

Danny and Steve brought that bottle in to her. Aren't they sweet???

I have this thing about stealing Danny's hats. The one I was wearing in Denver, Danny's. This one, Danny's. This one didn't work so well with the ponytail though. :-)

Mot had to work the next night, and Danny was staying put at Steve and I went to the game Saturday night.

We decided to try out the chicken nachos. (maybe not the best weight loss food, eh? but heck, there's grilled chicken in there...that's healthy...protein is needed...and guac, that's a veggie....right?)


Ferret and his buddy Chad were there when we arrived. The only pic I have of Chad is actually a video of him singing some sort of Illinois fight song or something. Not being an Illinoigian (hehehe), I'm not sure what it was.

The four of us headed over to the game (Mavs won, again!!), then on our way back to our vehicles......well...... guessed it.

Natalie said I'd never get a good picture of her. She doesn't know me well enough to know that it was then a challenge. :-)

Steve and I playing taxi service for Ferret that night.

We invited sleeping "beauty along" for Sunday Funday donut morning. Mot met us there when he got off of work that morning.

Then, after breakfast, the two of spent the rest of the day dismantling the desk in our den...and covering yet another wall of the room in bookshelves. :-)

From there we went to bowling, then home to get ready for the upcoming week.


Elliott said...

Doughnuts and tequila? I want doughnuts and tequila!

Nej said...

Doughnuts and there a better combination out there? Add bacon, and the world is complete. :-)

Elliott said...

And cheese. Then we have four food groups.

Nej said...

Mmmmmm.....cheeeeeese. :-)

Brook said...

I just want you to know I wrote my blog before I popped over here to catch up. It's true! I love hockey! Did you watch the US whoop up on Canada last night? Awesome.

Nej said...

We watched the highlights at the bar. It was bowling weekend....Ice Bowl Tournament. We stopped by the bar after the banquet at the end. Wish I'd seen the game though, it looked like it was fun to watch!!!!