Friday, February 19, 2010

Actions Speak Louder than Words : Us vs the Hallway's no secret...we have a new place to spend our evenings after bowling...and our evenings before hockey.

And after hockey games.

And maybe an occasional evening just because we were in the area.

And we can neither confirm nor deny being told by the owner not to come down one weekend, because we "don't need to single handedly pay her rent for the month."

We may or may not invite the owners to Sunday Funday donut mornings.

And, it's been reported that everyone in the bar seems to know us all by name....or, at the very least, they know us as the "Sunday group."

I mean, we're nothing, if not loyal. If we like a place, we hang out there. We switch off on who gets to drink, or who gets to drive that night.

We're really responsible that way. :-)

But, for every evening that someone is driving....there is at least one person who isn't driving.

If you know what I mean?

So, I thought I'd start making Fridays my "videos of drunken debauchery" day.'s not video of people breaking windows, or looting stores, even peeing on the main streets of town. It's just us...being silly....for a camera.

My camera.

And most of the time, people aren't aware it's on video mode.

I'm sneaky that way.

Well.....I was sneaky...but now they steal it from me....and I'm a victim as well.

What's fair is fair I guess. :-)

I'm going to kick off the Friday video fest with something I like to call....the "Hallway."

In 'the Worm' (what we fondly call Eat the Worm)...there is a hallway to the bathroom.

It's a long hallway.

And when you've been's a RREEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYY long hallway.

First up, John vs the Hallway

P.S. no worries...these things are like 20 seconds...IF that :-)

This little spot is what I like to call...."Steve knows the camera video is on. Steve has also decided the best way to tackle the hallway of doom is with speed. Go as fast as you can, don't stop, don't falter, and never....never look at the camera."

I consider the hallway a runway of sorts. Most people walk (stumble) down it....mesmerised by the offset black and white tiles. I like to make the best of a bad situation. When the hallway starts to waver back and forth....the best way to handle it is my being unpredictable. Catch it off guard before it can do you harm.

To quote Kevin Bacon (ummmm...baaaaacoonnn)...


To quote Mr Bacon....."Let's Dance!"


MJenks said...

I can totally see how the black-and-white floor would eff with your balance and such, especially when drunk.

Sometimes, I really miss dancing.

Nej said...

Never too late to start dancing again!!!!! :-)

Brook said...

I may be doing it tonight as a matter of's DATE NIGHT!!!!!

Nej said...

OMG...YOU HAVE TO COME GO OUT WITH US!!!!! I would SOOO post your crazy pinball imitation!!!!!!

Date night....yowza! :-)

Anonymous said...

I will have you notice that MOT is NOT pictured or has streaming video of the dreaded hallway of death. I am sneaky sneaky.
NOTICE: I specifically stated HALLWAY chic,so no posting non-hallway related photos. That would be too easy.

my gawd, I forgot jons walk of the balance challenged.

MOT - not at home so no clue what my log on is.

Nej said...

@ Anon - oh honey...just wait until next weeks. It's Ferret's introduction...and you may or may not be in one or two of those videos!!!! :-)

P.S. You've just made "Mot Hallway video" a challenge of epic proportion!!!! :-)

Brook said...

I gotta see MOT!!!!
btw, MJenks I so love "Venture Bros"!

Moonspun said...

Oh I will look forward to drunk and debauchery Fridays!