Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Update: Ghost of Weekends Past (2)

OK folks....it's winter in Nebraska. And not only that, but the Nebraska winter has been traded with Siberian winter.

Uh huh...there are people in Siberia, wearing shorts and tshirts, because they have our 30 degree weather.


Would I make this sh*t up?

Anyway....why do I tell you this?

Because I'm looking for excuses to explain why every one of my non puppy posts is about going to the bar.

Really...it's the only place I take pictures any more. From bar to hockey, from hockey to bar. From bowling to bar.

Here's the thing...the four of us hang out...all the time. We've just traded our normal get together spots (our house, their house, etc) for the Worm.

But they have tequila, and chicken nachos!!!

Can you blame us? :-)

We've jumped ahead a week....so come with me to Feb 12th -13th.

Come on...it's safe!

As per tradition. (Our tradition.) There must always been a hand print in the front on the daiquiri machine. Always.

Look in the background of other pictures I've taken other nights.....there will always be one. :-)

This is Josh and Monica (Helga). They live downtown, and are usually there when we are. They're from Michigan.

Michigan was in town for hockey. Instead of going to the game...we all stayed at the Worm and watched it on TV.

Mavs won...Michigan lost. (We invited them to come sit with us at the game on Saturday..they didn't show. We must give them crap!)

Every once and a while, we'll get a shot or two of one of her reeeaalllly top shelf stuff to share and try.

I won't tell you what we call this one.

It's nickname is inspired by the shape of the bottle.

That's all I'll say.

At some point in the evening...a fuse blew in the black and white hallway from hell. (which, by the way, is a term of endearment...never change the floor Nat...you hear me?)

It was mere moments before we all raced down the dark hallway to the source of the problem...the light switch in the men's' room.

All I can say is....."never let drunk men with power tools try to fix your shorted out light switch."

And never let a drunk person run the camera. It was pitch black down there. All we had were candles. And I just started shooting pics and video. The video is all sound....because it was so dark (duh)...and the pictures all turned out something like this.

Right after I took this, everyone was blind. I had no idea who I was going to get in the shot. Pitch black is an understatement! :-)

Working on the switch by candlelight.

We found the problem was more than we could handle at that time, so the door to the hallway was locked.

Some would unlock it to go to the restroom (there's another restroom, but they insisted on peeing in the dark)....and then "someone" would lock them in the hallway. It never ceased to get old. :-)

At some point, the camera was taken from my possession....and when I woke up the next morning, it was in my purse.

We entertained Chris, and the rest of the staff, all night.

Do you see Danny's wet leg. Do you want to know how it happened? He spilled a full margarita on the floor.

Directly on my foot.

I was squishing around in my shoe the rest of the night.

Apparently a little of it got on him.

After this...the events of the night become fuzzy. I've mentioned the horrible week I'd had at work....well, I successfully forgot all about work that night.

I also forgot how we got home (thank you Steve!). And I forgot about the snowball fight in our front yard (which I apparently TRIED to take pictures of).....

Steve and Danny chickened out of the hockey game the next night (lazy bums!)...so Mot and I went together...just the two of us. Date night!!!!!!!

Mavs won again. Woohoo!!!!!!!

And, I'll have you know. Just so you don't think we complete drunks. We didn't go to the Worm before or after the game.

Sunday was bowling day...but I'd already prebowled (our quartet was supposed to sing in Lincoln that day). The gig got canceled...(actually we canceled it....there were blizzard white outs going on, and the interstate was shut down due to pile ups and such)....so Mot went bowling, I stayed home and napped on the couch with Sam.

Ah, puppy napping. Love it!!!!!


Slyde said...

your friend josh looks RIDICULOUSLY like a good, old friend of mine.

its creepy.

Nej said...

Are you, or your friend from Michigan? :-)

Elliott said...

I am so looking forward to moving back to WI, where bars like this exist. Friendly bars, where everybody knows your name (or pretends).

Nej said...

If you are ever in our neck of the woods, you are totally invited to come visit ours.

Back to Wisconsin, eh??

Elliott said...

Ayup. Part of me thinks that someone could make me a brilliant offer that would put us somewhere else, but since the kids are there, along with the rest of our families, that's not very likely.

g said...

sounds like fun - crazy fun! But the cold? oh, I don't think I could take it.

Moonspun said...

Siberia, huh?
Looks like you are making the best of it. :-)

Brook said...

Of course the bar is the only place to go! And of course hallway games are hilarious. I msut say you guys are crazy trying to fix a light switch in the dark, with candles and tequila your only guides...
Puppy naps are right up there with sleepy baby naps.

Nej said...

@ g - I don't mind the cold...but I'll admit it's getting old this year. :-)

@ Moonspun - if you can't make the best of it, then why even get out of bed...right? :-) :-)

@ Brook - Puppy and sleepy babies...yeah, I'd say they rank right up there to close to each other! I used to just sit with my nephew at night, when I'd come home from work. For hours. Talk about relaxing!!!