Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009 (part 2)

My sister hosted our side of the family at her house on Christmas Eve.

If it wasn't for the fact we'll all drive in any weather, we probably would have had to cancel. Our second blizzard, in as many weeks, was in full force by the time we headed to her place.

12 inches on the ground wasn't needed to rain all the day before...freeze...then throw another 12+ on top of it. Throw in hurricane force winds, and we're good to go!!! :-)

We did end up having to call it a night earlier than we would have. In the few hours we were there, their driveway was completely snowed it, and Doug (my brother in law) had to go out and start scooping paths to our vehicles. The interstate on the way home wasn't closed...but probably should have been.

I love this time of year!!!!!!!

Inny getting the meal ready. It tasted great!!!

Grandma keeping a careful eye on the kitchen.

Brandon is always smiles when the cameras are around.

Mom and kids. What a group!!

I'm not sure who invited this guy.

Just kidding. you see what great pictures he takes, when he lets me!! :-)

The kids got a Wii this Lauren and Brandon had to show me the games they had for it.

Emalee and Sam had a blast with each other. Finally, friends to play with that were their size!

Sam was enjoying her first Christmas. Her people let her chew on all the paper and cardboard she wanted. Puppy heaven.

After dinner, the presents were unwrapped.

The stars of the show this year.....Nerf weapons.

She's a sniper...I love it!!! Shot him right in the rear.

Then she turned her weapon on me.

Wait a second! Why am I the target???

Dad was trying out some trick shots, up the stairs, off the door, into the spare room.....two points!

I was surprised to find I didn't have my camera out much after this was taken. I missed the biggest, badest, and bestest Nerf gun yet.

The N-Strike Vulcan. Fully automatic Nerf dart throwing machine!!!!


Unfortunately, we had to pack up and get home not long after gift opening. The roads and weather were getting worse and worse.

It was a great night!


mo.stoneskin said...

Grandma looks suspicious. Like she was sneaking out tuck and drink without you noticing or something.

Moonspun said...

My boss, who is single dad of 3 teenage boys got nerf guns for all them for christmas so they can have fun at home. And he also got one for his fiance, too...

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

if we had twelve inches of snow, followed by rain, followed by another twelve inches of snow, we'd be shut down for a month.

Slyde said...

i NEED that crossbow!

seriously. send it to me.

Nej said...

@ Mo - she's a sneaky one, that grandma of mine. :-)

@ Moonspun - after playing with those darn things, Mot and I both want to get some!!!!!! I read somewhere that Nerf was the toy of the season this year.

@ Mjenks - We got 4 more while we were in Denver this long weekend...and another 7 expected to show up tonight and tomorrow. Low of -18 last night (without windchill), high of 3 today (without windchill). Gotta love it.

@ Slyde - tell me about it...I want one too!!!!!!! I can't remember the rating, but it was so many darts a second. A second!