Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekend Update #40: The rest of Christmas weekend.....

Sam I spent pretty much 100% of Christmas day laying on the couch watching movies. Penny and Isaac mirrored us on the other side of the living room, laying on their beds, snoring away while the weather roared outside.

We had ourselves a white Christmas. Boy oh boy!!! :-)

I got up early the next morning to start shoveling the driveway. We had 4 foot + drifts across it....and some much higher in the yard, back deck, and up against the garage.

I scooped for about an hour and a half.....and finally had a landing zone for Mot and the Jeep. He took the shovel from me after that, and spent another hour and a half trying to find the garage.

We eventually asked our most awesome neighbor to come over and use his bobcat to finish the job. Spending another 3 years on it didn't sound appealing.

Once we got ourselves dug out some, we loaded up the Jeep and headed to the bowling alley. We were going to miss bowling on New Year's weekend, while in Denver.

I had to take a quick picture of the score after game 1. I was bowling out of my a$$! a 179. Not too shabby for this really crappy bowler! :-)

Mot started feeling pretty bad at the alley, so we all called it a day when our three games were completed. Poor guy!

On Sunday we met up with the boys to see Sherlock Holmes at the theater near us.

After the movie, we all headed downtown.

The whole city of Omaha was drifted up with snow. The city still has no clue where to put it all. :-)

Even though we weren't bowling, we couldn't NOT go see Natalie at Eat the Worm. She wasn't open yet.....but let us in to talk while she got the place ready for business.

Each year, her parents dig out old memorabilia from her childhood. This year, they brought out a birthday card she'd made her father.

Wow...harsh!!! :-) :-) :-)

It was a great end to a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Seeing the picture of the bobcat reminds me of one of my absolute favorite wintertime activities: shooting freethrows in the driveway with a frozen net and snow on the rim. I'd see how long I could go without knocking the snow off the rim.

Nej said...

My mom and dad gave me a backboard and hoop for Christmas one year. But...at the time, we didn't have a place to hang it. We were going to get a pole, but never got around to it.

Each time I move, I take this brand new backboard with me.

We bought this fixer upper house, and I was ELATED to see there is a place to hang the backboard.

We still haven't hung it, but that's beside the point. :-)

Brook said...

I am so glad we didn't get that much snow, we'd a never got outta this town. On Christmas day we were sunning by the pool. There were no margaritas can you believe it? Just some weird grape flavored vodka that smelled like kool-aid but *gack* made your eyes water.

Nej said...

No margaritas??????? The horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tequila was nearly impossible to find while we were in Korea...but Florida??

Brook said...

Whodda thunk? My sis and bro-in-law prefer vodka it seems. Actually I had mimosas til the champagne and juice ran out!

Nej said...

Vodka is ok in a pinch. :-)

Mimosas.....mmmmmmmmmmm. :-)

Moonspun said...

That is some serious snow...maybe you need to get your own bobcat!

Nej said...

@ Moonspun - The way this year is going makes me think that exact same thing over and over. :-)

Elliott said...

Hey now, stew is pretty damn good.

And I would take that much snow just as an EXCUSE to own a Bobcat.

Like I'd need an excuse.

Nej said...

@ Elliott - she'd probably die of embarrassment if she knew I posted a picture of that card! And we can't have the maker of fine margaritas (and other tequila based alcoholic drinks) drying.....she must never know. :-)

We're getting 6 more inches today....and then another foot or so (at least - projected) next week.

No one knows where to put the stuff we have now....and with an average temperature (without windchill) of 0 for the last two weeks, and following month) it's never going to melt...ever.

The Bobcat is looking more and more attractive. :-)

Brook said...

It's El Nino(where's that little curvy line when you need it?)!

Nej said...

It's in the left hand corner of your keyboard (well, at least, it is on mine)...I just can't figure out how to put it above a letter. ~ ~
~ There must be a way darn it! (hehehehehe)

P.S. I'm not a coffee drinker. I mean, I'll drink it here and there, but not on a daily basis. I've had two big ole' cups today.....I'm a might bit slap happy. :-)

Brook said...

I know-to both. I can't press both keys at the same time, it just won't work. Dammit. Come over for gingerbread. It smells awesome.