Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update Teaser

Great weekend!!!!!! Our annual Springbrook camping reunion weekend.

Sheila, me, Mike, Mel...enjoying the weather we were graced with this year. First time we've had snow at Springbrook. It was awesome!!!!!

I was wearing yoga pants under my blue jeans, and a HUGE sweatshirt under my coat. I look like the love child of the Michelin man, and a yeti.

I'll write more about the weekend, sometime this week when I find some spare time. :-) :-)

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Brook said...

snow!!!!!!!all we are getting is cold rain...and it's messing up the fall leaves! LUCKY! Haha, my WV is hailityo!

Nej said...

I have a picture from this weekend that I hope turned out.

5 inches of snow on the ground.....COVERED with green leaves that the cold knocked off. The stark contrast of green and white is awesome!!!