Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Update #29: De plane, de plane...I mean, de train, de train!

This post is a little late. About two weeks, actually. But hey, I do what I can...and the rest is....well, it is.

Friday night (the 7th) was actually pretty boring. We ended up catching up on some back DVR'd television...curled up on the couch. Recouping after a long week.

Saturday morning I didn't get up to run, like I should have. Instead, I did something much more fun.

I grew up in the small town of Modale, IA. Population 303. Every summer, Modale hosts the "Modale Fun Days."

Inny and I joke that they have to hire people to come watch the parade, because everyone who lives there is in it.

She picked me up that morning, and we drove the 30 or so minutes it takes to get there.

My grandmother is the town librarian...and since the library is on main street....we picked ourselves some prime real estate (in the shade) for parade viewing.

(Grandma and Inny in front of the library)

(Remember this train, you'll see it again in this post. Each of the cars is a recycled oil drum. With one of the seven dwarfs painted on each car.)

(Looking down the street. There were quite a few people there to watch.)

(One of the local hair stylists.)

The Methodist church (the church I grew up going to, and my mom and grandmother still attend) had a jungle theme for their float. Somehow or another, they also got themselves 3 banana costumes to wear. With "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" playing on their, and two other bananas danced down the street.

On a side note, the Chiquita banana sticker is mine. My kayak is yellow, and we call it the banana boat. One day, Mot called Chiquita, and they sent him two of those big huge banana stickers for my boat! :-)

My school, until I moved in the 2nd grade. When I left, there were only 2 girls left in our class of 11. :-)

There were quite a few refurbished cars in the parade. The parade route led down to the city park.

Lauren getting a pony ride. :-)

Lauren, Inny and mom enjoying the free root beer floats.

Oh, and remember that train I told you would show up later in my it is. The "big kids" decided they wanted a spin around town in it.

(That's a stuffed snake around my neck....don't ask.)

The person in the first car is my best buddy as a kid, Moira. She was in town for the Fun Days event. It was SOOOO great to get to see her!!!!!! We laughed about the silly things we'd done as kids....and then decided a train ride was in order.

After the train ride, we entered ourselves in the Bocce tournament. None of us had ever played, so we made our team name "The Renegades."

I tell you what...Modale is serious about their bocce. In fact, some opposing team members were quite put off that we'd never played before.

Of course, at the time they asked us....we were beating them. :-)

It was a double elimination tournament...and we were out after two games....but, we'll be setting up a my yard!!!

After Bocce, we sat down to play some bingo. I LOVE bingo!!!!

The fire department set up a game for the kids. It was over 100 degrees that day, and everyone was MELTING!!!

Two fire hoses, and a barrel on a zip line.

After we left Modale Fun Days, Inny and I headed out to Omaha. We hit some goodwills looking for bargains, but before we went to the first store....we needed lunch.

B&G Tasty Foods. I was told they make a rockin' awesome loose meat sandwich. I hadn't had one since I was a kid....and we decided we'd be the judge on whether they were any good.

They get our seal of approval!!! :-)

Tom was home on Sunday. But for the life of me (two weeks later) I can't remember what we did that day. See what I get for not doing these posts right away! :-) :-)


Slyde said...

i'd love to experience small town life like that one of these days..

Nej said...

@ Slyde - I really do love it...but, having grown up with in the city now is refreshing. Makes going back to the small town more enjoyable. :-) :-)

Employee No. 3699 said...

Wow, I'm jealous that you grew up in such a small town. I've always wanted to live in a 'Mayberry' type of setting.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

One of the coolest things about the brewery I went and toured a couple of years ago was that they had a bocce pit set up outside the entrance for employees to play during breaks and such. The brewmaster/owner was of Italian heritage. When my friends and I pulled up, were we confused, thinking that this couldn't possibly be the brewery because a bunch of guys were hanging out, playing bocce.

Nej said...

@ 3699 - you has it's good and bad...just like anything. I lived in a small town of 3000 between there and where I am now. I prefer either city, or tiny town. the town of 3000 was a strange dynamic! :-)

@ mjenks - My mom has had a bocce set, we gave her for mother's day or xmas, for years and we've never gotten it out to play. Not sure why. But now, I'm sure it'll get quite a bit of use! :-) :-)

Brook said...

That really does look like a fun day(that train would have been on my list for sure!), and free root beer floats? I love them. I think I need a giant chiquita sticker too now-oh, and I make a killer loose meat sandwich if I do say so myself-they are sooooo delicious in fact that they are on my do not fix too often list! The small town vs city thing is a tough one-I mean how do you earn money in those tiny places? But who wants the hassle of a big city either? Oh well.

Nej said...

I'll write a little about the town we were in this past week for my grandpa's funeral. Census in 2000 had it at 306 people, but it loses more and more each year. I'd be surprised if there were 100-200 in the actual town itself. The town is dying. No mail delivery...but a HUGE high school! :-) Tthe nearest town of any size is 1.5 hours away.

Tucumcari is 20 minutes away, but it's not big enough to supply job opportunities for everyone living in and around it.

Talk about isolation.