Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PROMPTUESDAY #69: Introspection

San Diego Momma has yet again posted another of her PrompTuesday challenges.

And I, a person interested in challenges great and small, thought I'd see where it took me. :-)

1. Who are you?

Who are you...who who, who who.......(song stuck firmly in my head - thanks SDM!!) :-)

Who am I?

Wow that's a loaded question...right out of the gate! Although, I guess the challenge is called Introspection...so what did I really expect???

Who am I?

I am Nej. (hear me roar)

Sorry...couldn't resist!! :-)

Sarcasm. I think it's technically my middle name....although I'll have to pull the birth certificate out when I get home. I don't normally bring it with me to work.

Ahem...surely I should tone the sarcasm down and answer the question, yes?

Yes I should - but don't call me surely.

Wow, that's the second time I've quote the movie Airplane today...maybe I should just move on to the next question?

My name is Nej, I was born in Iowa, raised in Iowa, and moved to Nebraska against my better judgement. Basically I was sick of driving 1 hour (each way) to work everyday.

I try to surround myself with positive and happy people whenever I can. And, as I found myself saying last night - at 9:00 - eating my second supper at Village Inn (oh yes, second supper - I'll have to write a post about it)....."why not? you only live once!"

2. Where did you come from?

Well, you see....when your mommy and daddy really love each other, they.....

Never mind.

I guess I've already told you where I physically came from....Iowa and all. On to the introspective side of the question...

I have just recently "found" myself....well, at least as much as one CAN find themselves...at the age of 33. (whoops, cover your eyes, pretend you didn't see that!)

I come from a small family. Mom, dad, little sis and I. Each of my parents are from smaller families as well. There aren't a million cousins in my family.....we invite friends to our family reunions, because we love to be surrounded by people we love - even if our family is relatively small.

We were taught to work for what we want...because you enjoy it and appreciate it sooo much more when you do it the honest way.

I was taught to change the oil and a flat tire on my car....because accepting help from others is a wonderful thing...but being able to do it yourself if you have to is worth it's weight in gold.

I have two tshirts that I absolutely love, because of the message on them..."Well behaved women seldom make history" and "Speak loudly, even if your voice shakes."

3. Where are you going?

I still don't know what I want to do with my life. I don't know where I want to be in 5 years, 10 years, 25 years. As long as I'm happy and living life...I suppose that's all that matters.

I force myself to step outside "the box" as much as possible. I'll eat the chunky stuff in my salsa now, and I tried to eat snails once (I'm the pickiest eater ever, I swear!). I LOVE kayaking and white water rafting, even though water terrifies me if it's deeper than I am tall. (terrifies!!)

I'm not going to be president, or an astronaut, or a professional tennis player....but I am going to try as many things as I can.

Amazing Race is holding auditions...er, accepting applications....in the area this month. I want to go, I want to be on the show, I want to make a fool out of myself.....but I'd never be able to get the time off of work. And...if Mot and I were on a team together, just the two of us...we'd kill each other.

The two of us talk about what we'd do if we won the lottery...allot. We also talk about what we want to do when we retire.....when we pay off all the bills....what we're going to do with our next tax return (should be get one)........

Hmmmm....all of that seems centered around money, doesn't it?

Now accepting donations...you can send them to "imsickofworkingpleasesendmemoneysoIcansleeplateinthemornings{at}lazybum{dot}com"


Badass Geek said...

I want donations, too!

Send them to:


Nej said...

@ Badass - maybe we should start a foundation or organization, or something?

Funds for the Betterment of Life Via Independent Wealth


g said...

I like it, Nej! And you're very funny!!

Nej said...

Thanks g!!!!!!! :-) :-)

Jen said...

This was great. I had fun reading your answers.

Nej said...

@ Jen - From one Jen to another...thanks!!!!!! :-) :-)

And hello!!!! :-)

San Diego Momma said...

Ok, I tried to send $$ to imsickofworkingpleasesendmemoneysoIcansleeplateinthemornings{at}lazybum{dot}com

and the email bounced!

What the hell?

Nej said...

@ SDM - Maybe the system is bogged down with all the donations I'm getting?

Nah, I doubt it! :-) :-)