Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taming of the Shoes: I'm a Big Girl Now

Argh!!!! Monday morning I got dressed at the gym this morning, walked to my car...walked in to work....and then things went downhill from there.

You see, I noticed my feet looked a little I put some lotion on them. A very female thing to do, right?

Then, I get a call from one of my shipping guys, saying I need to come out to the dock. He sounded very stressed, and it sounded urgent.

I took about three steps and realized I had a problem...a big problem.

I can't keep my shoes on my feet.

My feet (and now my shoes) have been lotioned!!!!

I stopped at the restroom on the way, to wash them off. It worked briefly.

Halfway to the dock, my shoes start sliding off again.

I, of course, meet up with half a dozen people I work with along the way. All of them looking at me strangely.

They think I can't walk because of my heels!!!!!!!! (sigh)

"I put lotion on my feet, and now my shoes won't stay on."

Everyone laughs.

When I get to the dock, I find out it was something he could have just told me on the phone. But he was having a bad day, and didn't feel like it.

Can someone be fired for making me walk in heels that I can't keep on my lotioned feet?

Probably not, eh? :-)


Brook said...

All I can say is at least your feet weren't "farting" after the lotion-I have had that embarassing experience and I would rather just look a little I am just a little jealous that you have a place to wear all your great shoes-I sometimes put on heels when I'm going to the grocery so I can at least wear them outside the house!

Brook said...

Oh, and I was sorry to read about your grandfather, on the other hand it is nice that you got to see him happy not that long ago. (((((Hugs))))

Slyde said...

you really like to drive me crazy, dont you?

Nej said...

Brook - no farting feet, thank goodness!!!!! :-) :-)

It was really hard being at his house this last week. He lived so far away, and I always worried that he was down there by himself. But, even though the town was small, it was full of people that love and miss him like we do. :-)

Nej said...

Slyde - (evil laugh) Who, me??

mo.stoneskin said...

I suspect some health and safety quango will latch onto this and make feet-lotioning a high-risk violation.

Nej said...

@ mo - You're right....I'm sure OSHA has been notified. :-)

Shaz said...

I've been lurking on your blog recently just to check out your shoes. I'm so jealous. Bruce thinks I have a lot of shoes. Ha. I bow to your shoe magnificence.

Nej said...

When I got rid of the corporate suit job, I got rid of almost all my shoes.

It was very 'freeing' to get rid of all the stuffy clothes. But the shoes were hard to let go.

I could have kept them...but for some reason, I felt I needed to get rid of every aspect of that former life.

Mot thinks I have allot of shoes now....probably a good thing he didn't know me then. He has no idea! :-)