Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weekend Update #16, Demons, Angels, Garage Sales and Graduation

I went home on Friday, expecting a relaxing evening at home. But no more had we eaten dinner, did we call the boys to see if they wanted to go see a movie. Demons & Angels, the sequel to The DaVinci Code.

It was decent. I felt it was a little less than the first movie, but still not horrible. There was some drama, but it seemed a little smaller in urgency. There was code, but not much. Tom Hanks was there, but not as "there" as the first movie.

Again, I'll not say much, to prevent spoilers. I shall not spoil, so saith Nej.

After the movie, the four of us came back to casa de Mot and Nej to sit around the tomato and enjoy the evening. I think everyone was pretty tired though, so it didn't last long.


I forced myself to sleep in on Saturday morning. I swore I wouldn't get out of bed before 8:00, and darned if I didn't lay there, waiting for the clock to change to 8:00. I was ready to get up much earlier, but it was my duty to stay in bed until the pre-destined time.


Hell, I don't know. :-)

Robin came by a little after 9:00, and the two of us hung out in the basement for a few hours. the two of us, and my nearly a new home owner sister are holding a garage sale next weekend...and Robin, for some crazy reason, wanted to help me get my stuff ready.

Actually, it was just a good excuse to hang out a little...not at work, so I wasn't complaining!!! :-)

She left about noon, and Mot and I jumped in the shower to get ready for my cousin's graduation party.

Ricky is the middle son of my mom's youngest (and now departed) sister. He's the coolest kid ever!!!!!!!

(This pic is from his birthday party earlier this year. I scanned his graduation picture, but then left the file at home today. Figures!) :-)

The party was a relaxed family BBQ at my uncle's place. It still feels a little strange to be at his house for family functions, and not know anyone. I'm used to party's at his place being full of my family. But since Annette has passed, the dynamics have changed.

Not in a bad way...just in a "I don't know most of these people" way. I'll get used to it...eventually. It's only been just over a year....some changes take a while to wrap your brain around. You know?

(Lauren and Uncle Mot. They always seem to be picking on each other. Cracks me up!)

(I'm still having a hard time with how old Brandon is getting. I remember going into his room when he was a baby, to rock him to my sister didn't have to get up. I remember coming home from a horrible day at work, and holding him in arms. There's nothing that couldn't be cured by seeing his eyes, and his smile.)

Sometimes it's hard to keep my super hero strength under control. Some people break the tines off their forks. Heck with that, I just snap them in half.

And then, when handed lemons (a broken fork), I make lemonade (by cutting the hot dog with the broken handle). I will not be defeated by the hot dog!!!

Here's Spike. He's a long hair Chihuahua. When walking, he looks like a miniature hyena. We called him Taquito and Chalupa all day. My uncle was amused (but wouldn't admit it). :-)


I tried the same trick on Sunday morning...but posted a will not get out of bed before 9:00 order. The 8:00 thing went so well, I thought I'd bump it up an hour. Why not! :-)

At 9:01 I rolled out of bed. It was a pretty lazy day. And it was wonderful. Although, the lazy only last a little while, then I got bored. So I went back to the basement to tackle what I lovingly call "the hunting corner." It's this corner we always end up throwing all our hunting gear. Kinda in a big pile. And then we can never find anything.

And Sunday was the day to take over and conquer that corner!!!!

I went downstairs with my trusty cordless drill (because Mot strong arms the bits into his DeWalt and I can never get them out, I deemed the old cordless drill as my own) in hand, I went down and won that battle...once and for all. And it looks mighty nice now, if I do say so myself.

Mot mowed the lawn...because the neighbor mowed his lawn. It's a thing with the two of them. Mot kept mumbling something about Zach mowing twice since he'd mowed last. And that just wasn't going to do.

(We have zoysia it grows much slower. Heck, allot of it is still brown. Although the warm temps we're been having probably greened it up nice by now. Probably time to mow again. (hehehehehe)

Sunday night Mot made this huge dinner, followed by a pan of brownies. We were both so uncomfortable we decided a walk would be imperative to our living through the night without heart attack caused my double chocolate uber brownies. :-)


mo.stoneskin said...

But WHAT is Mot drinking? Doesn't look like a real drink to me.

Nej said...

No, no it's not. Bud Light with Lime or something.

But don't judge, it's what was in the cooler at the party. :-) :-)

Nej said...

Oh, and my mom just told me that the pics of the hotdog and Spike were "invisible"...but they are there now. :-) :-)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Ricky looks like a cool kid, except he forgot the "D" that follows the "N" on his shirt.

Brook said...

I love the sleep in order-I wish I could do it more often.
You know-I'm just not into those movies-I read one and a half of those books and just couldn't finish it-rare for me.
Isn't it weird how death effects things for so long and in such unexpected ways? And it never ends.
Super powers(send some of those my way please)
I love Spike!
I'm no good with garage sales though I love going to them-good luck!
And the yard thing-makes sense to me(I love zoysia-my grandfather planted it is his yard and was so proud of it-I just love saying it and walking on it.)

Nej said...

@ mjenks - Ricky is quite the cool kid. Love him to tears.

The D after the N huh? :-)

@ Brook - I've never read the books, but the first movie was entertaining. The second though, I could take it or leave it. Just wasn't as good.

I used my super powers here at work today...breaking my fork while eating lunch. I really must learn to control them! I'll send half of them your way..Fedex.

Spike was awesome...if you could ever touch him. Skittish little shit. :-)

My sister and I used to do a garage sale every couple of years. They were legandary in our small town. This is our first in the we'll see how it goes.

Brook said...

chihuahas are funny little dogs-and most people have a really hard time treating them like the dogs they are-leading to all kinds of little shits ;)

Nej said...

Sometimes the little dogs are the ones that scare the crap out of me. But with him, you just had to walk up to him, not afraid, and pick him up. If you came at him all nice and stuff...he'd run the other direction. Plus...their house is full of kids. I'd be skittish too in that environment. :-)

Vic said...

I loved the picture of Ricky too. You can tell by the picture what a great guy he is.

It's amazing how fast the kids in the family grow when you're not looking.
Thanks for sharing these!