Friday, May 1, 2009

It's done!

The counters, sink, faucet, and tile is finally done!!!!

Before looking west.

After looking west. (The new counter is thicker than the old our mixer doesn't fit under the cabinets anymore. I'll put a mixer lift in the cabinet directly below where it's sitting...but for now, it will just have to sit the way it is.)

Before looking east.

After looking east.

Boy, from these pictures it doesn't look crazy different like it does in person. Bummer. :-)

Now I get to start on re-doing the cabinet doors!!!!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Ugh. This reminds me that I have a lot of crap to do to finish...oh...every room in the house. *sighs*

Nej said...

I started a list yesterday at work...of all the stuff we need to do. It was depressing. :-)

Brook said...

It looks great! And ummmm, I have the same cutting board.
I like your cabinets(in the pics)Why do you want to change them? Or how? I still have so much work to do in our kitchen(mostly I want all new cabinets, knock down a load bearing wall, add an island,and new countertops of course)
Oh well.
I really like your countertops!

Nej said...

The same red cutting board? We just got it, haven't even used it yet. The old ones, in the before picture, we leaving color on the counter, unacceptable. :-) :-)

I'm going to sand them down (you can still feel the woodgrain)...put 2 inch trim around the face (google Shaker cabinet doors)...paint them...and put the new door pulls on them.

From a distance, they look ok. But they are original to the house and need a face lift in a serious way. :-)

I would love an island!!!

Brook said...

Neither of us like the house enough to spend that much on a remodel-though we might like it that much if we did the remodel-you know what I mean? All I've done is refinish the cabinets(still haven't finished the uppers and they've been waiting 2 years now)
Islands can be sooo cool(Sam's Club has a "work bench" with a butcherblock top on the industrial aisle that i think is awesome)

Nej said...

I fell in love with this house when we first toured it. It's old...and the people before we not nice. I mean, they didn't punch holes in it or anything....but it seemed

It's just the two of us, so it's not big. Just enough for our stuff, enough for us to be able to have our own time space if we need it....but not so big that I want to rip my eyeballs out rather than clean any more!

mo.stoneskin said...

Nice. Now you just need to make sure you don't drop any heavy steel balls on the work top...

Nej said...

I'll tell Mot to stay off the counters...oh wait, you said balls of steel not steel balls. (he'll kill me for that one, or hug me, I"m not sure which) :-)

We removed the former kryptonite based countertops, so we ARE in trouble now if Superman shows up. Drat!

nibor said...

It looks really nice! You two have done a great job :-)

Lyvvie said...

Looks awesome! Far less clinical without all the white. Do you have enough stuff to put into all those cupboards?? I'm jealous!

Nej said...

@ Lyvvie - I'm happy with they ways things are looking. Makes the kitchen look a little less 1920's, and I agree, far less clinical.

Unfortunately, we DO have enough stuff to fill them up. We're kitchen tools/gadgets collectors it seems. I need to go through it all and weed some stuff out. We've been in this house 2 years, and some of it hasn't been touched...time to get rid of it. :-)