Thursday, April 30, 2009

I just can't win.

I get a phone call today at work from Mot. It goes something like this....

Mot: Do we have string? (not hello, just do we have string) :-)

Nej:, pretty sure we don't.

Mot: (obviously disappointed) Oh.

Nej: What do you need it for? (my grammar is horrible, isn't it?)

Mot: Marking out where the deck is going to go in the back yard.

Nej: Oh...well. I might have some curling ribbon.

Mot: Some what?

Nej: Curling ribbon, you know, the stuff you put around presents...and then use scissors to "vvvvfffffoot" the end into a curl (yes, I actually did the sound effect, and acted it out....even though he couldn't see it...I'm Italian, I talk with my hands, I can't help it!!)

Mot: You're killing me. This is a manly project and you just girl-ified it.

Nej: It would work....that's all I'm sayin'.


Nej: (pushing buttons) And you could curl the ends once you get it tied. It would be really pretty.

Mot: (sigh) Where is it?

Nej: (I tell him where it is, in the closet upstairs.)

Mot: I don't see any, are you sure you have some.

Nej: Nope, but it was the only thing I could think of. I'm not good at pop quizzes.

Mot: Yes you are, that's why I called. You always find things that no one else thinks of, things that will work perfectly.

Nej: would have worked. (big cheesy grin that he can't see over the phone)

Mot: Do you have fishing line?

Nej: Yeah, but it's clear, you are using it to mark would be helpful if you can SEE it.

Mot: Nah, it will work. Where is it?

Nej: Turn's in my beading supplies.

Mot: Where?


Mot: Oh, in the box that said wire and string?


Nej: You know, the dogs are going to run into it, because they can't see it, and rip up all your stakes.

Mot: They'll only do it once. (isn't he caring!)

Nej: You might just want to run up to Target and get some string.


Nej: And a gallon of milk while you're there, we're out.

Mot: No!!!!!! I'm working on this now and not leaving.

Nej: Ouch, talk to you later. (hangs up)

I tried to help...I really did. :-)


Brook said...

It would have totally worked-and the curly ends would would have waved a bit and really kept the dogs away! hehehehehe

mo.stoneskin said...

All that matters is that you tried!

Nej said...

I got home last night....and found he'd gone to Home Depot. The hot pink neon marking string was laid out in the yard, attached to rebar posts pounded into the ground.

Our dogs about cut themselves in half two or three times this morning...they are just not the brightest logs in the fire some days. :-)

Brook said...


Nej said...


Brook said...

Did he get milk since he went out? Of course I am supposedly high maintenance...

Nej said...

Oh yeah...the milk. No...he didn't get any. But I did make a wicked good smoothie without it this morning. So all is well. :-)

Brook said...