Thursday, April 30, 2009

Captain Obvious strikes again.

I'm on a quest. A quest for a smoothie recipe, like the one I get at my sister's gym.

With the world wide web.....being all worldly and wide and all....I figured I could find something similar in quick fashion.

Not so much. (sigh)

Mocha Java Peanut Butter smoothie

Sounds simple...but I'm very un-daring in the kitchen. I'm a recipe gal...100%.

(by the way, Brook, I'm making your banana muffins tonight if I have time...wish me luck.)

The smoothie ingredients are's how much to use that's the question. And....I'm not a mad scientist....I don't want to try, try and try different combinations.

I'm sure some other person out there has tried for this same goal? Right? I mean, I'm not asking for an anchovy, blueberry and chicken liver smoothie. (shoot me if that recipe exists) I'm looking for something, peanut butter, chocolate.

I have a tub of chocolate protein powder, I have regular coffee to brew, I also have instant coffee (as recommended on a couple of web pages I can across). I have peanut butter, I have ice cubes, and I have milk....well...I will, once I go to the store, we're currently out.

I'd actually like to get it to work without milk....because we drink a ton of it, and run out all the time. :-)

So....back to the title of this post.

One of the millions. Hundreds? OK, of the 10 to 20 websites that I've looked at so far today states....

" For a thicker shake, try using half a cup of soy milk. For a lower calorie shake, cut everything in half."

So...let me get this straight. If I want a lower calorie shake, I should just make less of it? Less of the same recipe = less calories?

Who knew?? :-)

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