Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Just a Flesh Wound.

I swear, I'm not drinking or doing drugs before I go to bed. I'm not eating right before hitting the sack. We have no gas leaks in the house (anymore - hehe), and I don't live next door to a nuclear power facility.

That being said...I've been having some of the strangest dreams lately. Or maybe I'm just remembering more of them?

Yeah, my vote is for the latter. I've had some doosies in my day.

So....last night goes like this.....

Mot and I are in Africa.'s an "African Savanna" looking area. God knows where the savanna is located. Let's say.....South Dakota.

South Dakota has African Savanna vibes, don't you think?

Anyway (stay on track Nej, concentrate).....we're walking through tall grass....with a dog.

Actually, a pack of dogs I think.

And they are playing with a....what's that.....a......tiger? Um, OK. There's a tiger right there in front of us.

I wonder why it isn't a lion? Aren't there usually lions in the African Savannas? Oh's got stripes, it's totally a tiger.

Hmmmm.....and it's playing with that dog. Isn't that cute?

No's not playing....are they fighting?

Oh just ate that dog's leg. Holy crap!!! that another tiger there beside it? Is it coming towards us?? Maybe if we ignore it, it will go away?

Nope, it's definitely coming this way. Maybe we should run??

No, too late to run...we have to fight it. It's just a cat right? We have guns.

Wait, why do we have guns? We didn't have these just a minute ago.

Oh seem to have a tiger attached to your arm. You think we should maybe get it to let go?

(sigh) Good, it just let go.


It didn't let go, it just left with your arm in it's mouth.

Well, that can't be good. You don't seem upset. Why is that??

Hey's friend just took your other arm. I'm starting to get concerned.

No! We can't just pick you up a couple spare arms. Are you crazy?? Why would you suggest that?

They. Ate. Your. Arms.

Last I checked, you only get 2!!!!

Is this a dream? This has to be a dream?

Then I woke up. The End.

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nibor said...

I really think you are smokin somehting...hehe!!

Brook said...

You are probably very concerned with his recent string of home improvement injuries.
And yes-it is just a flesh wound(god I love that movie!!!!!!!!!)

Nej said...

@ nibor - Everybody...say hello to Nibor!!! She's our resident newlywed....and newly-blogger!!!

@ Brook - I'm sure the construction plays a big role in the odd dream last night. All I can say is at least we aren't battling each other in these dreams...we're always playing for the same team. :-) That's a good sign!

mo.stoneskin said...

Your dreams sound like they should be 18-rated. And I certainly wouldn't go and see one of them for fear of nightmares...

Was it a bloodbath - I mean when the tiger ate the dog's leg? Blood everywhere? Gore?

Nej said...

No, surprisingly lacking in the gore department. That was what made it really funny. It looked like a cartoon...where there were teeth marks and no arm. Like someone had taken a big chomp out of the shoulder or hindquarter (for the dog).

No blood, just missing arm or leg. :-)