Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Update #13, after the wedding

Mot had to work Saturday, and so did I. Yes, yes...working on Saturday....it hurt my soul. But, it was year end inventory time, and I had to go. (sigh)

I was there from about 6:30 to 9:30...so not too long. After things were under control at the office, and my part was done...I skedaddled. :-)

First stop, the vet office in my home town. We were out of Insulin for Rowan.

Second stop, Double Barrel across the street. A friend of mine and her hubby own the shop. She had just gotten shoulder surgery, and I wanted to stop in and see how she was. One shoulder surgery survivor to another.

I was there until noon....hanging around behind the counter. Listening and watching the customers who came and went....the store is never boring!

As I was headed out of town, I decided to go to the campgrounds where my parents spend their spring, summer and fall weekends. Neither of them were there, of course....so I waited around hoping they'd show up. Mom was in Omaha getting her hair cut, and dad was actually in town at home, on his way out...so I didn't have to wait long.

The three of us ate lunch, then headed to my home town (until 2nd grade) to visit my grandma and great aunt and uncle. We were there most of the afternoon, and finally left because dad wasn't feeling so hot. 'Tis cold season. :-(

I left the campground when we got back and headed home. I pretty much spent the rest of the night being lazy...and loving it!!!!

Sunday am, Mot and I were ready to get to work on the kitchen wall tiling. The counters look awesome...but they look pathetic next to the crummy torn up wall behind them. :-)

I taped all the cupboard doors closed to keep the dust from finding its way in...so I'd have to clean everything...again. :-)

When it comes to Mot, construction, and power tools...you know I'm never far away with my camera ready. Sunday's work actually did not result in any blood loss...what so ever! :-)

When we stopped for the night, we'd gotten the tile on the right side of the sink completed. Mot is home working on the other side today, while I'm at work. Once the tile is all in place, we can grout it up, and be done!!!!

It's getting closer and closer. :-)

(Never mind the different door handles on all the cupboards.....Danny stopped by with some he'd found on sale, and we put one on to see what it would look like. I loved them...and immediately went to the store to find enough for the whole kitchen. It was an awesome sale and didn't want to waste time and have them be gone when we were ready for them.)

Hopefully I'll have pictures of everything complete soon!


Brook said...

I love those wet saws. I had to rent a humongous one to cut the tiles for the "fireplace" surround.
Looking good Chica!

Nej said...

Mot's captain owns rental houses, so he borrowed it from her. Free is always good! :-)

He's been sending me pic updates on my phone all day...as he progresses through the other side of the kitchen. It's getting closer!

I'm bummed that the pics don't really show the color of the tile. It looks white...but it's not. It's gray, beige, white and this really cool blue. I'm going to try to take some pics without the flash, and see if I can capture it better. :-)

Cowguy said...

LOL I think all wives secretly lay in wait with the camera... just in case there's personal damage to their betrothed.

Mine does.

You do.

Rock on. lol

Nej said...

@ Cowguy - he worked on the tile yesterday, while I was gone. He cut himself. The finger is probably still bleeding this morning. He did a number to it...that's for sure.

But alas, I had no camera to document it. I'm sure he's relieved. :-)

Brook said...

I think Mot and I are a little bit related too.
I whacked the crap outta my thumb last week cutting up a cantaloupe(I was distracted by how good it smelled and was daydreaming about how good it would taste-I quickly came back to earth)
Now it's a little bit infected.
Darn it.

Nej said...

When you cut your thumb...did it bleed profusely for, say....4 hours? And then still not do anything about it? :-) He's so funny!

Brook said...

Like I said-just a little related =-)