Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, at last!!!

Today is the day to clean off the desk at finally do all the projects I put off because I didn't want to do them....and have no deadline to finish. But darn it, they've been here long enough that I'll look bad if someone comes to me asking if they're done yet.


Fast forward ten minutes (OK, why didn't I do those sooner? they took no time what-so-ever to complete. oh well)

Now what....

(tapping fingers on desk)

Blog reading. I've got over 200 posts sitting in my reader, just waiting to be read. I finally have time to do that!!! Let's see, I went on vacation at the end of's only taken me 1 month to get caught up enough to start reading them.

Also......emails. I've got a email file full of silly emails to read and delete....or just delete in some cases. Chain mail and Nej don't mix. I'm just sayin'.

First one up.....a Pepsi commercial.

I'm laughing, I'm giggling, and I can't help it.

Happy Friday folks!!!!!


Vic said...

Hey Nej!

Thanks for the comments! I'm like you - I've got things sitting on my desk at work right now that I should have done a while ago. Can't drum up the energy for it somehow....

Have a great weekend!

Nej said...

When it rains, I have all the energy to work....when it's nice out, I just can't muster it up.

It's been raining today...but it's stopped and a blue sky has appeared. Good thing I did the projects earlier...I'm not getting anything done now! :-)

Brook said...

I love this commercial. And boy howdy do I get the project thing. Gah!!!!!!

Lyvvie said...

I'd be tempted to skim the posts and reply to only the top ones. Clear the blog reader and start afresh. I'm lazy like that. Shhhh.

I love that ad! It cracks me up when I see it, apart from when he bottle pops a can on the door handle? Why?? Does not compute.

Nej said...

@ Lyvvie...a few of the blogs I read have received the dreaded delete them all, and start fresh treatment. Makes me realize how many blogs I follow, and how my interests have changed. :-)

We've been watching so little tv these days, I hadn't seen the ad. Funny stuff. :-) :-)