Thursday, April 23, 2009

What IS that smell??

We had quests at our house Monday night, to celebrate our 9 year anniversary. Mot was also looking for a reason to cook for people using his new counters. (or is it counter...ah, never mind)

When we got up Tuesday morning, Mot was walking around smelling things. Literally...smelling things.

I couldn't smell anything different, but that's not saying much. After having a sinus infection for 6 years straight, my sense of smell leaves a little to be desired. He, on the other hand, has the super sniffer.

He even went as far as to walk all the way around the outside of the house...thinking the smell might be drifting in through one of our open windows.

He did finally leave for work, but wasn't happy...since he hadn't' found the source of the smell.

I finally caught a whiff of something not quite right before I left for work....but was just as unable to find the source as he was.

Fast forward to 5:30 Tuesday night.

I walk into the house, from the garage, into the kitchen.

Holy F*cking Hell!!! What is that smell???

It about made me ill...right then and there. Gagging, going to throw up ill.


I wandered around the house for 10-15 minutes....smelling under every sink, in the bathroom, in the pantry, outside in the back yard....nothing.

I couldn't for the life of me, find the source of that horrendous odor.

And then it hit me. It was worse in the kitchen, right when I walked in. What is there?

Our stove.

Mot had left one of the burners on....from our dinner Monday night. It was on the lowest setting, and our open windows blew out the flame.

The stove had been seeping gas into our house all night, and all day. It's a good thing I'm not a smoker.

I turned off the burner.....and evacuated the area. All of our windows are open now due to the nice weather, thank goodness...but I opened the sliding glass door, and the front door, trying to get a draft through the house.

Oh course, it was then that mother nature decided to kill the wind that had been howling for three days.

I called Mot and left a message telling him I'd found the gas leak. But that's the only part of the message he got. He was seconds from calling the fire station in our area, and asking them to come check it out.

"Don't turn on any lights. Don't do anything that might cause a spark."

I acted all cool "Honey, I've got it...I'm not three years old."

When inside I was thinking "Maybe I shouldn't pet the cats either, sometimes that makes a spark?"

I'm sure the cat was paranoid the rest of the night...I gave her the evil eye any time she came near me.



Brook said...

We get random smells like that and have called the gas company more than once to check it out-nothing.
Glad you found the cause before you blew up-I don't wanna wait that long to meet you!

Nej said...

Everyone here I tell about our gas "leak" seems really concerned. Getting stressed doesn't really do me much good, so I try to avoid it when possible.

And boy, our house smells SOOO much better now! :-)