Thursday, April 23, 2009

T.G.I.T ??

Today is Thursday...but it's technically my Friday, as I'm taking tomorrow off.

"But Nej, you just got back from vacation and taking days off...what are you doing??"

Why dear friends, I'm going to a wedding. And not just any wedding...but my friend Robin's wedding. And I'm the maid of honor.

Her and Aaric (Switch) have finally decided to tie the knot officially....after living in sin many years is it now?? I forget. 4, 5...something like that.

They're doing a small justice of the peace wedding tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow morning we're spending the morning at the salon getting her hair cut and our nails done. The boys are going golfing, as long as the weather holds out.

Until today, there was a 0% chance of rain. Today it says 60%.

I want to be a meteorologist. What a sweet gig. As far as I"m concerned, the chance of rain, snow and sleet any day of the week is 50%. It either will or won't. And they get paid some serious bucks to tell us that!

OK, maybe there's a little science to it? A little....but I swear, not much. At least, not in the midwest. We all should (and many do) carry in our trunks at all time.....a pair of winter boots, umbrella, flip flops, gloves, and numerous jackets in varying degrees of warmth.

We should always carry a shovel (for snow or mud), a snorkel (for flooding), and an ice scraper (for snow or mud) at all times.

Anyway, back to the wedding.

After the ceremony, we're going out to eat. I mean, isn't that pretty much what people in Omaha

I don't know if the statistics are the same now...but it used to be Omaha had the most food establishments, per capita, of any city in the US.


I really should have called this post Random Thoughts Thursday. I'm having a hard time staying on track. :-)

I'm going to schedule this post to post at 5:05....want to know why? Because Robin reads my blog, and we're throwing here a bridal shower here, immediately after everyone gets off at 5:00. As far as I know, she has no clue.

Well, I'd better head out....I have some decorating to do. :-)


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

"I'm having a hard time staying on track."Remind me not to try and blow up the Death Star with you. ;-)

Brook said...

A little ramble is a good thing. Alot of ramble can be a good thing.
Have fun with the party and wedding! Weehoo-a nail job!

Anonymous said...

hope the weather holds and that the wedding is fabu! enjoy!!!!

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm not sure if I'd want you to be a meteorologist based on that post!

Nej said...

@ Mjenks - oh no!! You can't leave me out of that one!!!!! I'll concentrate when it's something important like that...I swear!!! :-)

@ Brook - I can ramble with the best of them...just ask Mot...he'll agree.

@CWG - The weather was great. Actually, quite warm...too warm for me...and the two men. Wearing their suits, as I'm trying to get pictures taken. :-) It stormed all weekend long, so Friday was a GREAT choice!!

@ Mo - No, I can be harsh on the meteorologists most days. They are constantly wrong in these neck of the woods. I'm sure it's not their fault....they say if you don't like the weather in NE or IA, wait 10 minutes, and it will change. :-)