Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dust Storms? What could dust storms possibly mean?

I woke up this morning, and just stared up at the ceiling. It wasn't dread from having to go to work....it wasn't from lack of sleep.....it was from my dreams. I was feeling the effects of a dream hangover.

A dream hangover is the feeling you have when you wake up from the strangest dream....and either a) try to figure out WTF is going on in your brain or b) sort through whether the dream actually happened, or not.

Last night, it was a) all the way. :-)

Mot and I were on vacation. In some sort of barren mountains. You know, the ugly ones, with scrub bushes, and no trees. (yes, yes...some people think they are gorgeous!! -Mel- but I prefer either green trees or white snow on my mountains...hehe)

Anyway.....a dust storm moves into the area. We pull our shirts up over our faces...and wait until it passes. It was mildly annoying, but everything was good once it passed.

Time passes...it's later in the day.

Another dust storm comes up...but this one is much worse. We take cover in a nearby grocery store (in the mountains, in the middle of no where). The storm is so bad, it's opening the doors of the store, and throwing sand and dust in to the air inside. I run to a door to help keep it closed...while Mot runs to the back of the store to help with the loading door.

Time passes.....it's later in the day.

You can see a huge dust storm coming over the mountains....we decide to run to a friend of mines' house to ride it out. She lives in Iowa. (don't ask, it's a dream!) We knock on the door, say hi...then rush inside and slam the door shut. Apparently she's not experienced any of the other storms...they seem to be localized to where Mot and I are at the time. We lock, bolt, and barricade all the doors in an attempt to keep the sand out.

Time passes....it's later (same day? next day?)

We're sitting on the upstairs balcony of my friends' house. We decide it's time to leave...but know there is another storm on the way.

What is our solution?

We grab a mini excavator (I've been watching allot of landscape remodeling shows lately).

It looks like this one, but has two arms (with a bucket on each arm).

The plan....we take it with us...then when a storm comes up...we can put the arms low to the ground, turn the buckets flat, so that we can hide under them until the storm passes.

Yeah...um....well....it made perfect sense in my dream. :-)

We didn't want to have to rely on the help of others. We wanted to continue with our vacation, and be ready for the elements. Just like bringing rain gear, extra snacks, and a first aid kit.

Makes perfect sense....right?

And, surprisingly, the excavator wasn't heavy....in fact, we had to hold it down over us when the next storm hit, so it wouldn't fly away.

(It was either made of paper mache, or we are really strong in my dreams...take your pick.)

It's about then when I decide this must be a dream and I really should wake up.

It's not unusual for me to dream about tornadoes. But dust storms????

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the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I don't know about dust storms, but storms in general are supposed to represent emotional upheaval.

Maybe since it's a dust storm, it's emotional upheaval...but dirty!

Nej said...

An emotional upheaval, eh? I can jive with that. :-)

Mot and I did have a pretty good marital battle on Sunday while working on the kitchen wall tile.

You could call it a storm......and there was definitely dust present.

Husband and wife do tile for the first time...(sigh). :-)

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm actually quite skilled in dream interpretation. Can I ask you a few probing questions?

1) Do you think a lot about dust storms?

2) Do you think a lot about excavators?

Told you I was skilled.

Nej said...

Mo, I was taking a drink when I read your comment. I about soaked my computer and keyboard...thanks!!! :-) :-)

Brook said...

Dream hangovers are a bitch!

Nej said...

I once woke up from a dream....and could still feel the flashlight I was using in my dream in my hand. I looked down at it...and it slowly (and I mean SLOWLY) disappeared.

Talk about a hangover! :-)

Brook said...

I have had more dream hangovers than alcohol ones.
And have experienced a few waking moments like that one.
Makes ya wonder...