Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Update #13, Special Edition

This weekends' updated has taken a little longer to type...and is also a little longer in length...for two reasons.

1) I took Friday off, so the weekend started Thursday at 5:00 pm.
2) Robin and Aaric finally decided to take the plunge.

That's right folks....they done gone and tied the knot all official like!!!!!!!!!

But I'm getting ahead of myself....let's back up to Thursday night.....

About two weeks or so ago, against the better judgement of some here at work, Jean and I notified people at work about Robin's upcoming marriage, and the bridal shower we wanted to throw. It was a "super secret, we'll kill you if you blow it and tell her" shower.

It was scheduled to happen after work on Friday...in the new HR offices across the street. I wasted time here, in order to give anyone going a chance to leave work and get themselves to the spot.

At about 10 after 5:00, we left here on our way to go "shopping." As we were driving near the HR offices, I stepped on the brakes quickly and pulled into the parking lot. I told Robin our HR director had some benefits information for me, and I needed to pick it up quick. To get her to go in with me, I told her I wanted to snoop around the new offices and check the place out. Curiosity killed the cat.....and it also, apparently, gets the cat to her bridal shower without her knowing what's going on. :-)

I knew she'd kill me if we made a HUGE deal out of the shower....so it was small, and simple.

The usual items were present...cake, balloons, punch, cards.......

Victoria Secret gift cards.....

and you can't forget the deck of Karma Sutra cards.

(we had to have her flip through them...she had no idea what they were) :-)

After the shower was over...we cleaned up the office, and then left to actually go shopping.

She was going to handle the wedding very casually and wear something from her closet. Because of this, her Maid of Honor (MoH) hadn't looked for anything new either. Robin finally decided to buy a dress for the occasion...thus leaving her MoH without anything to wear. :-)

I found two dresses right off the bat....but settled on the more....um...occasion suitable dress. (the other one was awesome....kind of a black and hot pink go go dress....it was sweet!!)

From there we headed to the mall for a quick dinner, tie shopping for Mot...and then we went our separate ways. By then it was 9:00 and she needed to get home to get her stuff packed for the next day.

Friday 8:30 am....Robin arrived at my house. We grabbed a quick breakfast, then headed to my beauty salon to get her hair and our nails done for the day.

(to keep from typing to much..and making this post 4 million miles long....we'll make it a picture story from here)

Robin's hair before (and Becci in the background)...love that gal! :-)

Cutting her hair off!!!

Her hair 2 hours later....shorter and blond!!! She kept her eyes closed, this pic was taken when she first opened them. :-)

Getting her nails done.

OK...I have to type a little here...or the jump in time will make you dizzy. After we left the salon, we went to our house to change and get ready. The boys had been golfing all day, and met us there when they were done.

The four of us headed to the courthouse together. Since it was Arbor Day, the Nebraska government was shut down...but the judge Robin called was nice enough to come in and do the ceremony for her. No one was in the building except a few security guards (and one or two hookers complaining about the offices being closed). hehe

Tom outside the courthouse. We didn't tell him about the 80's popped collar under after I could get a pic of it. :-)

Getting hitched!!!!

(The judge let me stand behind the bench to get pics! I'd have sat in the chair, if she didn't scare me so much. There's a reason she's a judge!!)

The rings.

We stopped in a park to get some outdoor shots after the ceremony. It was 90+ degrees outside (WTF!) and the boys were melting in their suits.

Best Man and Maid of Honor in the park. :-)

Between the ceremony and dinner, Robin hadn't made a ton of plans. Actually, she didn't make any. :-) She wanted the day to be casual and relaxed. The restaurant is right across the street from Scheel's...so guess where the boys wanted to go? :-)

I was admiring a Benelli shotgun, when Mot snapped this pic.

This is in no way a reference to the wedding being a shotgun wedding. To be honest, I looked up the meaning of shotgun wedding really quick.....and it says something about it being forced. I always thought it was in reference to the quickness. Similar to an elopement, but without witnesses you know being present. :-)

Dinner was excellent!!!!

In case you didn't notice, the look on Aaric's face says "it's extremely dark in here, and when that things flashes we're all going blind...you know that, right?"

The four of us after dinner. The food was great...and there was lots of it. We were all EXTREMELY full!!!! :-)

From there, we went back to our place to change out of our "monkey suits" as Mot put it. They happy couple left not too long after to spend some time together.

Congrats you two!!!!!! May this marriage bring you all the love and happiness you desire! We love you!


Brook said...

How fun-and wonderful-to be invited to share the day!
Did you ask the judge if you could sit in her chair when it was all over?
And the heat? Where did it come from?

Nej said...

Not really sure where the heat came from....the next day it was raining and cold, cold, cold. I actually contemplated turning the furnace back on Sunday. Craziness!!

No, didn't ask the judge. I went back down with them for the end of the ceremony....we signed the paperwork, and then left. It was plenty to be able to get back there. :-)

Although, I didn't see a gavel on the desk...or I would have asked to smack it! :-)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

You mean "Mot outside of the courthouse", right?

Also...the shotgun part of shotgun wedding was supposed to refer to the shotgun being nestled in the small of the groom's back.

So, before shotguns were invented...were they (in receding order) blunderbuss weddings? flintlock weddings? crossbow weddings? catapult weddings?

Nej said...

@ mjenks - Blunderbuss, nice one!

Don't forget the pointy sick weddings...they were a riot!

Oh yes...I meant Mot....oh now, see what I've done...his name is spelled backwards....the secret it out. :-) :-) :-) I can't believe I haven't done that sooner....300+ posts, not too bad. :-)

There's a story behind why his brothers call him Mot. I might have to tell it sometime.