Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update #12 Kitchen, Twilight and Door Pulls

Surprisingly enough, I don't think I got my camera out once this weekend. Strange, eh?

Friday: Mot came and took me to lunch, and then left for North Platte, NE. Turkey hunting with his brother. I did quite allot of nothing Friday night. My head was pounding and my cough just wouldn't cease and desist.

Saturday: I woke up at my usual time, no thanks to my cats. Argh. :-) I watched some TV, ate some breakfast...and then headed out in search of tile for my kitchen walls. I hadn't even arrived at the first store, when my cell phone rang. It was Steve and Danny.

The boys: Whatcha' doin'?
Nej: I'm on a tile quest. Why? What's up?
The boys: We found some tile for you. Are you hungry?
Nej: I am! You did?
The boys: Yep! Meet us at Jimmy Johns and we'll show it to you.
Nej: K

The tile is perfect, of course. :-) So we ate our sandwiches, then headed out in our separate ways.

I headed for Home Depot to buy the tile...and then to Wally World for some misc shopping.

I had a cart with 10 or so items in it. I say HAD, because I couldn't deal with the stupidity of people shopping at Wally World. So I left my cart, and everything in it, in the middle of an aisle and found the nearest


I found everything I needed at Target, and then some!!!! Everywhere I go, I find these little things for our kitchen. I can't wait until it's completed!!! :-)

We were told that cooking oils could stain our counters, so my find for the day was a tray to put our oil on. I found it, of all places, in the bathroom section of the store. :-)

Mom and Bug arrived at my house not long after I got home. They were bored...and hungry. So we went out for pizza. While eating, I decided I wanted to hit Bed Bath and Beyond for a couple of organizational things for the house. Bug was less than thrilled (as any 12 year old nephew should be).

After shopping (we hit a few more stores) we stopped at Dairy Queen for some empty calories!

Once back at my house, we popped Twilight in the DVD player, and the three of us relaxed on the couch. It really wasn't that bad. It didn't drag, and kept us entertained. And isn't that what movies are for?

Sunday: I woke up at 10 am. Yes, you heard me. TEN. A.M. Holy smokes!!!!!

I had a to do list the length of my arm....of which I put a hefty dent into. Cleaned main floor of house from top to bottom...removing all layers of drywall dust from EVERYTHING! Started some laundry, and tried (yes, tried) putting up the new blinds on the sliding glass door.

I also figured out a way to take advantage of the metal containers I got for our spices. Currently, the pantry has a shelf dedicated to a million and three spices. The jars are all just thrown on the shelf...and any time I organize them, the chef (Mot) manages to get rid of an organization within minutes of cooking one meal. :-)

While World Market was going out of business, I got a steal on some of the magnetic canisters. And while shopping Saturday night, I figured out what I was going to do with them.

(ignore the blue tape...the glue still wasn't dry) :-)

Mot got home (with 2 turkeys for the freezer) at about 6:00. I made dinner...

Wait...before you freak out, let me mention is was a frozen bag meal from Bertolli. Nothing that actually resembled cooking!!!!

And we sat down to watch some TV and relax.


mo.stoneskin said...

I tripped over the damn shopping cart you left in the aisle.

[Seriously though I probably would have done the same]

Nej said...

Sorry about that! :-)

I was hoping to take out the lady and her three children, who stood in the middle I needed to go down...and wouldn't get out of the way....while her hellions were running around unchecked.

I turned down an aisle, and there she was.......again. giving me this really dirty look. I grabbed my purse, and left the cart right where it was.

She called me a few fun names as I walked by. Well worth it!!!

Brook said...

So the biggest question is do you feel better yet? Followed by where's the picture of the tile?
I often leave carts in stores because my kid(s) is being a tool and I don't feel it necessary to subject the world at large to their crapola and hate it when other people don't show the same consideration. And what kind of example was she being for her kids anyway? People like her give people like me a bad name! Target is my favorite store these days. Thinking outside the box is good-what is that metal square? Is it a cookie sheet? B and D have watched Twilight and *gasp* read the books-as much as I love vampire stuff and sci fi in general I have been unable to muster interest in this stuff.
Hey-did the lizard/gecko eggs hatch? Sleeping til 10-almost better than a vacation really.

Nej said...

Mind like a steel trap have you, my dear!! I haven't heard that the eggs have hatched...but now I'm going to have to ask him next time I see him. :-)

Yep, it's a cookie sheet. I figured I could probably get a piece of metal at Home Depot...but in true instant gratification-ism....the cookie sheet in the next aisle over from where I was standing at the time worked perfectly. And...I could even go out on a limb and say it fits a theme, since it's in the kitchen. (hehe)

Probably should have made sure the bottom side of the sheet wasn't teflon coated. The first glue didn't stick to the non-stick surface well.

The bottom of the cookie sheet now has a minor dent in it now, and the floor has a less than minor gouge. Whoops. :-)

I keep looking at the book when I go to the bookstore, but have yet to pick it up. Bug wanted to see the movie, and neither (n-eye-ther) mom nor I had seen it we put it in . It wasn't as bad as I expected.

I tried taking a pic of the tile, but until it's up on the just didn't do it justice. Actually, it's a very simple and muted beige color...not my normal bright...but figured it goes with the counter, and still allows the room to be painted most any color...good for the resale price on the house. :-)

And yes...the cough is almost completely gone today...just a small tickle here and there. I'd be back at the gym tonight if it wasn't for the anniversary thing. (oh, did I mention that? it's our anniversary today) :-)

Brook said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

dear real estate deities:

in my next house could i plesase have a real, live pantry in which to store my food? when i look at other peoples' pantries, i get really jealous.

thanks for listening,
nat over at CWG

ps. laundry rooms on the second floor are also dreamy.

pps. can we say 'california closet'?

Nej said...

The pantry is actually where the steps leading upstairs used to be. The bottom two or three shelves are the old original steps. :-)

Laundry is in the basement though. :-(

Brook said...

What happened to your upstairs? It's not even an attic storage area?

Nej said...

What do you mean what happened to the upstairs?

Atiic is divided into two rooms. Guest bedroom and den. Finished rooms...with a small crawl space we don't use. (it's a little on the scary side, but don't tell anyone I said that) :-)

Brook said...

OOOHHHH, chalk that up to a duh huh moment-the pantry closet used to be stairs kinda threw me. I am not so good before a lot of coffee. Feel free to laugh. Cause I am =)

Nej said...

Oh, yeah...that was probably confusing (but I'm still laughing!). :-) :-)

They enclosed the old stairs...made it a pantry...and put newer stairs in the living room. You had to go through a door to go upstairs, and the steps were very very narrow (old house).

So, our pantry is really, really deep (almost too deep to be practical)....but I still love it, TONS of room to store all of our canned tomatoes from last season and such. :-)