Friday, April 17, 2009

I Can't Stop Smiling!!!

I can't stop smiling, but how could I?

I mean, If you went to your mailbox, when you got home from the longest day, and most stressful week.......and this little guy was waiting for you!!!!

I have literally not been able to wipe the cheesy grin off my face since I opened the box, and he smiled up at me.

Well...maybe not so much as smile, and say "Yo, Nej" with a relaxed, nonchalant, mellow attitude. And then he winked. Really....he did. :-) rock chick!


You can cook anything you put your mind to, and you've got more creativity in your pinkie finger, than I do in my entire body.

What more can I say????? :-)


Anonymous said...

a. he is SO cute.
b. your new counters are stunnnning! i'm green with envy. i just redid my kitchen last year but we didn't splurge because we're not staying here.
c. i went to iowa once (during the worst flooding of the last 25 years...june 2007). it was lovely. i could almost live there...except for the lack of ocean. :)

Nej said...

a) he IS, isn't he!!!!! :-)
b) we're here for at least 15 years, when Mot can retire from the fire department..and he's the chef in the family (I can cook mac and cheese) we splurged for him :-)
c) I really like Iowa. Moved to Omaha 2 years ago, but that is only minutes from Iowa. My home town has had some really really bad flooding in years past. As a kayaker, I love that there is allot of water in the state, but I hate all the flooding that comes from having them. :-(

Brook said...

I am so glad you like him and that he came on the day you needed him!
The countertops are awesome! And the corner faucet is great too!