Friday, April 17, 2009

Before and After

It's begun!!!

After almost a month of waiting, the new counters for our kitchen are finally here.

Or is it more proper to say..the new counter is here? I's only one stretch of space...not multiple.

The new counter is here.

Sounds funny though, doesn't it?


This is where we started.

Nice working space.

White, white, white. I refuse to have a dark and unhappy kitchen. No creams, no blacks. White, bright colors. Although, even I'll admit when there's too much white! :-)

The counter is stained here and there....from 60 years of use. Who knows how many loaves of bread have been kneaded, how many cookies rolled out?

The boys (Danny and Steve) came over Wednesday night to help Mot rip the old counter out.

Morgan had to help as well.

The counter was glued down with some sort of sticky substance, I suspect to be Kryptonite based.

Mot had to climb inside and pound on it with a hammer just to get it to let go.

Eventually, after some cussing, and laughing (mainly from the onlookers), the sucker gave up the battle and came loose.

Then they ripped all the laminate "stuff" off the walls.

It looked it was done.

Yuck! :-(~

When I got home from work on Thursday....the counters were in...and Mot had almost all of the plumbing done.

He had to redo some of the copper lines, because the pipe cutting tool we purchased was crap. (sigh) The store granted us a full refund, and the project was completed with a functioning tool soon after.

We also went from a two tub sink, to a he had to redo all the drain lines.

I was very impressed. :-) :-)

And, here's what it looked like when I left this morning.

We still have to pick out the tile for the wall, but that work shouldn't take us too long.

(famous last words)

If you look closely you'll see they didn't center the sink with the window.

It was a mistake, not a feature we asked for. :-)

If you knew Mot, you'd know how much it bugged him at first. I'm still impressed he didn't have them bring back counters that were correct.

Ultimately he decided the extra counter space between the sink and stove was awesome.

Sometimes the best things happen because a mistake was made. :-)

I'll post pics when all the work is completed...because these picks (and the lack of tile) just don't do the doesn't do them justice!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

My wife would stand, infuriated, with her lower eyelid ticking back and forth in pure, blind fury at the off-center sink. Hell would be paid. Teeth would be gnashed. Breasts would be beaten. And there'd better be a refund at the end of it.

Otherwise, hey, looks nice.

nej's mom said...

OK, so he's ok with the offcenter sink for the arch bugs him. Go figure.

mo.stoneskin said...

So are you saying that you suspect superman fitted the old kitchen?

I mean, it is possible but I would have thought he would have far more pressing issues to address.

Nej said...

@ Mjenks I'm still shocked that he let it go!!! But it really doesn't look so bad, now that I've seen it in person. As for the refund....I think there should be one, even though we kept it. I'll see what Mot says. We can both be so laid back, it's scary. :-)

@ mom WELCOME TO BLOG LAND MOM!!!! Everybody...say hi to my mom!!!!!!

Yeah, the arch drives him nuts....and there isn't any functional reason for having it as an arch. The off set sink serves a purpose of providing more counter space between the sink and he can rationalize it in his head. He's so cute!!!

(by the by, we're talking about an arch elsewhere in the house...not the kitchen...for those of you who haven't been to our house) :-)

Nej said...

@ Mo - I'm thinking the kitchen was actually built by Lex Luther, for his mother. It's just a thought. :-)

nej's mom said...

Hi everybody!!! This is my first time ever to follow a blog and make a comment and of course I make a typo the first time out. Oh well, I think I'm hooked already.

Brook said...

I love the granite! Though I would be crazy about the sink. I wanted to make them take out the stairs and rebuild them because they didn't do them the way I expected. D talked me down but I never go upstairs. Well. Almost never. I can't wait to see it(sing song voice there please=)