Monday, April 6, 2009

We Have Door!!!

Well...we've finally started working on one of the many projects we said we'd complete when we moved into this house 2 years ago.

Wow...2 years. It's amazing how fast time has gone.

Anyway. There is no way into our backyard from the house. Crazy huh? You have to go out the kitchen, through the breezeway, into the garage, and out a door from there. Pain in the butt if you want to keep your grill in the backyard like everyone else.

Currently, ours resides beside the house, on the driveway...and you have to walk through the living room to get to it. Or, out the garage door and down the driveway. you can see, a door to our backyard will not only be handy...but it's needed.

This is what the wall looked like before they showed up (and after I'd taken most of the stuff down and moved the table out of the way).

In process. It's an old the walls are plaster and lath...and the insulation is mulched up newspaper (basically).

Here's the plastic barrier Mot set up when he started on the drywall work after they left. Yeah - we should have done this BEFORE they started ripping into the wall. The dust would be so much less everywhere else!!! :-)

When this plastic was up....we actually had to go outside and in through the door. It was completely sealed on the inside. Worked nicely to keep the drywall dust out.

Here's the first injury. Framing hammer to the thumb. The same thumb he cut while working on the vivarium.

I don't have pictures of the second injury. He took the molding to his dad's house, we don't have a table saw. Well...his finger, and this thumb, saw some action with the table saw as well. His hand looks horrible now. he still has all his fingers and such.....but you can't see either his finger or thumb when he has band aids on everything. :-)

Here's what it looked like this weekend. Mot did the molding around the door to match the molding around the windows in the rest of the house. Besides the edges being much crisper, it's exactly the same, and looks like the door has been there for years.

The swing set in the backyard is our next project. Well...the backyard in general. Half of our lot is our house and a fenced in back yard. The people that built our house, and raised numerous children in it, were fond of their concrete. The swing set was built to withstand nuclear war. There are swings on it...just because it looked silly without any. :-) It's only function has been to hang deer on it after we've been hunting. :-) It is one, of many, things that will be removed as this spring and summer move on. I can't wait!!!!!

And, notice the snow that is starting to fall outside. Right now, as I type...I'm looking out my window at work. Green green grass....covered with snow...and blue skies. This year's weather has been crazier than usual. By far!!!


mo.stoneskin said...

That thumb illustrates exactly why I don't do DIY. Too dangerous.

Nej said...

You should see the second injury. Then you'd REALLY want to avoid the DIY projects.

We DID have someone put the door in for us....I don't think our marriage (and hubby's hand) would survive something like that. Just hanging shelves on the walls in the dining room about did us in on Sunday. (hehe)

Brook said...

Beautiful! I love your curtains. Are you going to put it back up? And well, the thumb. At least he still has it and his finger too. Still. DIY is dangerous-I've only severely bruised a hand-and knocked my self out(long story), electrocuted myself, fallen off ladders...Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead. And snow is heading our way-I knew I there was a reason I haven't planted anything yet!

Nej said...

It took me forever to find that fabric. Something that would match the walls...and not look like it belonged in a 12 year old's bedroom. :-) It's outdoor furniture upholstery actually. There's a full bolt of it in my basement. :-)

I have one curtain on the other window in that room...but thinking about making it just a valance...and then putting matching valances over the two windows in the kitchen. I'd love to get away from curtains in the dining room...but don't want to not use that fabric. :-)

Nej said...

There's a tree outside my window here at's an evergreen. The grass is green, and the snow is all melted...but there's still snow around that tree. It's the funniest looking thing. Green grass, green tree, blue skies...and snow. The snow looks fake it's so out of place. :-)

Brook said...

I'll send you a pic of what I did with the slider in our dining room. That fabric is too great not to use!
I remember one school year in New YOrk, there were so many snow days(practically unheard of in northern climes)that we did not get out til early June-and there was still snow on the ground in just the way you are telling of. I must of been 9 or 10. Geesh-I'm getting old. Nah, just kidding-I'm not even half done(though I may be considered half baked!)