Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend #10 Birthdays, Lizards and Snow

This weekend wasn't the most exciting....but we're still recovering from vacation. Once we got back, the people arrived to put in the sliding glass that's been allot of our weekend (post coming soon).

Saturday morning, we got up and worked in the dining room some...then we showered and headed out. My niece, Lauren, turned 7 (holy crap!) on April 1st...and the party was this weekend. We had to go shopping for her gift before the party. She's into clothes, and is growing out them like we headed to Old Navy. Mot had fun picking out a couple of tshirts for her to that the weather is getting nicer out.

The birthday girl avoiding her birthday spanking....

...and getting tickled instead.

This is Angel. Mot and I had a gecko a number of years ago, named Dude. Brandon fell in love with Dude, and they took him when they moved to Omaha. Dude now has two girlfriends...and Angel has laid two eggs. There may be Dude babies soon!!!

The party was nice. We all sat in the living room at my sister's and watched the sky get more and more ominous looking. It had rained and hailed on us in the morning...and had been very very windy the rest of the day. They've been forecasting snow...we'll see what happens. you can did finally snow on Sunday. This is our neighbors tree laying across the road. We had run up to Home Depot to get some supplies for hanging the rest of the shelves on the finally finished dining room wall. I remember saying "Man, this snow is heavy. This is the kind of snow that knocks trees down."

Well.....when we returned home 10 minutes later....this is what we found blocking the road.

Whoops. :-)

We finished hanging shelves and such in the dining room, and then lazed around on the couch for a couple hours. Goonies was on, but TBS edited it horribly. Finding Forrester was just starting though, so we watched that. I hadn't seen it in years.

When the movie ended....we both just sat there. Mot looking at looking at him. I asked him what was on his mind. He says "I'm antsy."

"So am I, what should we do?"

"Let's go see what the boys are doing."


And off we went. I'd been texting Steve that knew he was home. We showed up at their place, and he sent me a text. "What did you have in mind?" I think he was just as anxious to get out as we were. I told him to "Answer his door." :-)

While waiting for Danny to get home, the three of us (mainly Mot and Steve) figured out how to do a blind stitch on the curtains Steve had been talked into making. (don't ask)

The four of us headed for the movie theater. Monsters vs Aliens. Cute movie!!!!!!

From there, we dropped them off at their place, and we went home and to bed.

Next week, I have to get my butt in gear. I need to start back to the gym regularly. I'm still debating dusting our house. Everything is coated in a layer of insulation and drywall dust. But....our counters are going to be installed next week...and I"m going to have to do it all over again.

I think I'll just put up a sign that says "We're remodeling, please pardon our dust." You know, like you see in hotels and such.

Yeah, I think that's the ticket!!! :-)


Brook said...

7 is a very fun age-we broke/speeded up our teaching contracts and got back from China literally the day before B's 7th birthday, just to be there with her. I love the gecko! And babies, how eggciting :)That was a funny movie and we may get snow late tonight or tomorrow morning. All symptoms of global warming I'm sure. I watched that movie in a codiene haze and in 3d-it was freaky fun(D and B had as much fun watching me and E flinch as watching the movie I think). And I like the sign idea. Do you think it would work for someone who has several unfinished projects(even though they haven't been worked on in ummm years?)Sounds to me like you had the best weekend filled with friends, family, and laughter. That is as exciting as they need to be, if one were to ask me!

Nej said...

Danny hates the 3D stuff, so we went and saw it in 2D. Although, I was watching the whole time at all the stuff they did that would be fun in 3D. :-)

Lauren is getting so old and grown up. They both are. It's just crazy!!!!!!

It's just so funny how I can be wearing a tshirt one day....and scoop snow the next. We've had all the windows in the house open, and today, the furnace was a chuggin' along. :-)

I'm thinking that the sign is a good idea...and having pending projects is the perfect excuse. I mean, the projects aren't getting done, so you have to get SOMETHING out of it, right???? :-)

By the way...eggciting. You have me giggling. :-)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said... have the power to fell trees with your mind.

Can you...for...stuff. Yeah, we'll leave it at that.

Nej said...

With great power, comes great responsibility??

I must use my powers for good, not evil??

Oh, who am I kidding? Evil is thy middle name. :-)