Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My day yesterday....in 5 words

There are some days that work sucks worse than normal.

Then, I went to the gym, and about died in spin class.

I mean, I usually 'about die' in the class...isn't that the idea?

Last night was worse than usual.

It was bad enough to make the instructor hop off of her bike and come talk to me.

Erin "Are you OK? You got really, really white?"
Nej "Oh, yeah...well....that's what happens when you're about to die. I'll be fine." (sarcastic tone, big grin)
Erin "It wasn't like you, thought I'd better ask." (walking away, but still not convinced I was OK)
Nej "I'm fine. No worries." (I'm a goner.)



Brook said...

Can I use that poster for today?
Fuck, I'm already home.
There goes that idea.
The kid is in fine fit throwing form.
Maybe a spinning class would help.
Hope today is better.

Nej said...

You could make substitutes for "I'm going home." Like...let's see..."Fuck it, I'm hiding in the bathroom". Or, "Fuck it, You're going to bed". :-) :-) :-)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

See, this is what people with social skills do. They reassure others that they're okay and everything is fine.

Me? Not so much. My response would have been, "Ah, damn, Erin, I just crapped my pants. Are we gonna finish soon, because I think the smell might be overwhelming in about five...four...three..."

mo.stoneskin said...

The picture is hilarious! Love it

Nej said...

@ Mjenks - I started out with my normal dark sarcasm...but could tell it wasn't being taken as it was intended. I think it was scaring her even more. So my social skills kicked in. (I hate it when they do that.) I put on the fake grin and told her I was OK. (sigh)

I like your response better! :-)

Nej said...

@ Mo - It summed my day up quite accurately. :-)

Brook said...

You are so right-I am sitting here playing SpongeBob stickers with this kid and well, it's just not that fun. But hey-wanna go jellyfishing later? (insert SpongeBob laugh here)