Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, I had this dream.

I was on a hunting trip with Mot and his oldest brother (and family).

We went to a building to do this hunt...yes, in a building. The building was miles and miles long....but maybe only 50 foot across.

Inside the building.....a river....and jungle. It was an indoor Nile for crying out loud!

What were we hunting for? Sea Manatees.

Hello? Who hunts these things?

They seem all nice and sweet in the real world. You hear stories about boat propellers chopping up their backs and such.

In my dream, they weren't so nice. And, they aren't grey in color. In my dream, they were royal blue on their heads and tails...and the middle of their bodies were yellow.

(sigh) Where does this stuff come from?

We finally cornered one....and I was terrified. The thing looked all cute and innocent...but I knew there was a vicious beast there. Next thing I know, it takes on a New Jersey accent, and starts threatening me. Talking smack all over the place.

Then more of it's friends arrived as backup.

As we don't take kindly to being berated by anybody, including technicolored water mammals, we killed them.

And had to store the meat in white Styrofoam coolers.

Once we reached the end of the building....we turned around to go back. But, we couldn't take the canoes - the water only flowed one direction. Makes sense, right?

On the way back, we were hungry...and had no food. It was taking much longer to hike out, than it did to paddle in.

We all started pulling down these vines from the trees. The vines were a foot wide, maybe 1/2 inch thick...and bright white.

Yes, bright white vines. (double sigh)

We called the vines, Jamaica...or something like that. And, they were made of bacon...quite tasty.

About halfway back to the entrance of the building....we ran into some trouble. I can't remember what the trouble was....if was animal attack, weather...who knows. All I do know, is that I ended up in charge of carrying a baby. This kid was no more than 1 or 2 months old. He was a boy...but he was wrapped in a pink blanket. He was so small....5 or 6 pounds, max.

And....he could talk. He was a smart little shit actually. We talked the whole way back. I can't remember what we talked about...but I do remember it was very interesting.

Once out of the building, I suddenly found myself in the house of a good high school friend I haven't seen since high school.

The little baby boy was hers. Why the baby was on the trip, when she wasn't....and how I ended up with him....I have absolutely NO idea!!!

I'm assuming my alarm started going off...or maybe my bladder was trying to tell me to get out of bed...because about then, my dream switched to me standing in my current day closet. I was picking out a shirt to wear to work.

I dream about what I'm going to wear to work...more often than I'd like to admit. Quite a few mornings, I find myself standing in my closet, staring at my clothes...not knowing what to the days I dream about an outfit are awesome!

When I finally got up, I went downstairs to my closet.....and realized the shirt I had dreamed about wasn't actually a shirt I owned.

Damn, I hate that!!!

And it was a really cool shirt. :-)

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Brook said...

Yep-that was a weird one alright.