Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh no she didn't!!

Mo "Mad Dog" Stoneskin posted a story today about...well....I'll let you read it here for yourself.

Go ahead.....I'll wait.

(seriously...go ahead) :-)

Back??? Good!!

I posted a story in his comment section...but decided I need to put it on my blog as well. To get the opinions of my followers.

Earlier this week I was driving down L Street, here in Omaha, on my way to the gym. I noticed the woman in the car ahead of me roll her window down, and throw her used up cigarette butt out the window.

Not many things get my goat more than watching someone throwing litter from their car.


I watched it fly back (or was it me driving forward?), hit my front windshield, slide down the window, and firmly attach itself to the windshield wiper of my car.

Still smoldering.

Did I take that cigarette and throw it at her, at the next light?


What I DID do, was pull up beside her at the next red light...

...and spit my gum out....

sticking it to the side of her car.

She flipped me off. I laughed and pointed at the cigarette butt still stuck to my wiper.

She turned beet red, slunk down into her seat like a wet towel, and drove off.

So....was this childish? Petty? Could it be considered a form of road rage?



Lyvvie said...

No, it was brilliant!

You're my hero.

Brook said...

Total awesomeness-road rage would have been ramming her bumper. I love gum. So handy!