Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Levels of Strange

I've reached a new level of strange.

Actually I reached it last night.

I couldn't sleep....just laying there in bed...wide awake. I had fallen asleep when I first laid down....but woke up about 2:00 am or so...and couldn't get back to sleep.

When I WAS sleeping...I was carrying on 5 distinct dreams, at the same time.

It was like the movie Pulp Fiction, or the Dean Koontz book Strangers. I kept jumping from story line to story line.

Only, I have no idea if the stories were ever going to meet at the end.

And, to make matters worse, when I jumped to the next story, the current one hadn't finished.

It was like watching soap operas on TV...on Friday afternoon. None of them end. They leave you with a cliff hanger. Making it impossible to not come back on Monday and see what happens.


Cowguy said...

How was Jules?

I'd love to have dreams like that. I'd pay.

Brook said...

I have those a lot-welcome to Weird World.
Seriously strange ways to spend the sleeptime hours.
If I could get rid of them I would-maybe that's why I suffer insomnia.

Nej said...

I think that is officially my first multiple dream occasion.

I dream every night, vividly...and they are usually quite bizarre.

At times, I'll wake up, then fall back to sleep and catch them where I left off.

But carrying on more than one at a time...that's a new one.