Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend Update #8, Cards, Hockey and Pants (glorious pants)

It's about time I get this all typed up. Been a busy week here at work...and they've actually expected me!!!

My weekend was a pretty fair mix of laziness, productiveness (is that even a word?) and fun.

Besides the lunchtime grocery trip...and the missing car keys calamity....Friday started the weekend out well.

The boys, Steve and Danny (or rather Evets and Ynnad), came over for pizza and cards Friday night. We talked about the upcoming trip to San Francisco and Napa the four of us are taking in a couple weeks. ABSOLUTELY can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We wrapped things up fairly early (about 10 pm) because Mot had to work the next day, and Danny was sounding worse and worse the longer he was there. I spent the evening worrying it was my cats making him miserable...turns out it was a cold. (phew)

Well not "phew" as in I'm glad he's sick. Just "phew" I'm glad it wasn't my cats that were making him miserable. :-)

Mot had to work Saturday, and it was glorious laying in bed as he got ready and left. I laid there for a few hours after he left, actually. Read a little of my book, then finally hauled my lazy arse out of the bedroom.

Straight to the couch!!! (hehe)

I watched a few hours of DVR'd TV backlog...and then made lunch. At about 12:30, I got motivated.

There is a breezeway between our house and garage. It's original to the house, and is a strange little space. 6 foot long, at the most....and maybe 4 foot across. It currently houses the kennels where our dogs sleep at night, a few tools, and misc other crap that collects there.

Here's the before (ignore my bust in the bottom left hand side of the pic).


Here's the after. Look at all of that work space on top of those tool boxes!!!!


Now, I know I'd said hockey was done for the season. I was surprised to find out, on Friday, that we were playing in the first round playoff games. I found out AFTER I threw away the rest of our tickets for the season, since we didn't make it. Argh!

Luckily one of mom's vendors offered her tickets. Mot had to work, so her and I went...and we asked Danny and Steve if they wanted the other pair. Danny ended up not going since he was sick...but the three of us had a good time.

Actually I should say the four of us. Mot was able to work as paramedic on duty for the night...lucky shit. :-)

The tickets mom got were 7 rows up from the ice...but we literally only lasted through the national anthem, before moving up to our normal seats . :-)

I hate sitting that close to the ice. You see about 1/3 of the ice...we always get our seats in the upper bowl. People think we're crazy, but you can see EVERYTHING going on!!! :-)

The Mavs won Friday night, 3 - 0...and Saturday night 5 - 2. They advance to the second round!!!!!!

Unfortunately, they play #1 rated Notre Dame. Oh well.

Sunday was quite possibly the laziest day I've had in a long time!!! Mot got home from work at 7:00 am....and came to bed. Usually that means he was up all night on calls.....he wasn't. Usually him coming home wakes me didn't.

We slept until the clock said 9:55...which is insane for us! Now, remember the daylight savings time change it was actually 10:55. We slept until nearly 11:00. Holy crap!!!!!

We took our showers, got dressed and headed out to our usual haunts on Sunday mornings. Half Price Books, World Market (the store is almost empty now...but I got some martini drink mixes on sale), and then Backwoods - man I love that store!!! We can wander around in there for hours some days. I'm looking for a full sized backpack, so thought I'd see what they have. I was actually surprised at their current stock of packs...a little thin.

As we were getting ready to go, Mot spied the knife case and I came upon a clothing clearance rack. My experience with clearance racks at outdoor gear stores is poor. It's all usually size small tops, and size 2 or 4 pants.

I was nicely surprised to find multiple pairs of pants in my size. Our office is business casual...and I'm seriously sick of wearing black slacks (the only thing in my closet for winter wear). I found 2 pairs of outfitter pants - think dockers with a higher price tag - and one pair of casual pants that can be made into capris if I get warm. I decided to buy one of the pants and the casual capris.

As we were walking out the door, Mot asked how much I spent. When I told him, he couldn't believe I hadn't bought all three.

So...I turned the car around, and went back to buy the third pair. (hehe)

After Backwoods we ran to Canfields, another outdoor store, and found me a pack. I didn't buy it, but I'm in love. (sigh)

The rest of the evening was pretty boring...we watched some TV and went to bed.

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